With the assistance of our artisans and craftsmen, we provide our clients Sheesham Wood Wardrobes. Long lifetime; Rubber wood has another benefit in its durability that implies it can be used for a long time. With This Wood Dekor Mika Solid Wood Magazine Rack And Cd Holder.Keep Cd's,Magazines, Catalogs, File Folders And Other Literature Neat And Accessible.It Help Organize Materials And Keep Them Upright. Pick up the wood and check if it is heavy. ← … Imported wood A lot of imported furniture is made from tropical wood species such as rubberwood (sometimes known as plantation hardwood), mango, acacia or sheesham (a type of rosewood). If it is real teak wood, it will be very dense and moderately heavy. The older the tree betters the quality of its wood. Most woods take on a blue or grayish color as they weather in wind, sun and rain. Luro Sheesham Wood Bench by Union Rustic >>> Livingroom Furniture Low Price [Luro Sheesham Wood Bench by Union Rustic] Prices. Mottled or curly grain patterns are common in mango, … It is used for a number of purposes such as to add color, to highlight a grain, or to darken the wood. Sheesham wood. Sheesham Wood End Table. It is now … A versatile material, you can make everything at your home, from bedroom to kitchen cabinets, sofa sets, dining … After teak, it is the most important cultivated timber tree of Bihar, which is the largest producer of shisham timber in India. MDF: Made of wood fiber, resin and wax, this wood is not resistant to head and scratches. Average Dried Weight: 48 lbs/ft 3 (770 kg/m 3) Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC):.63, .77. Some people also interest in natural shades and non-polished furniture. The wood glues and finishes sufficiently. Sheesham Wooden Dining Table. Rama Wood Crafts Private Limited. There is another variety of Sheesham too, which has blackish brown wood. It is flexible and strong resistant to mould, bacteria, and fungus. These wooden wardrobes are durable, inexpensive and add charm & grace to the interior … Get contact details and address | ID: 19208499955 A hardwood, Sheesham is a timeless wood which can be used with different polishes and finishes. Company Video. Verified Supplier. Tree Size: 35-65 ft (10-20 m) tall, 2-3 ft (.6-1 m) trunk diameter. In addition, check to make sure the wood is hard by lightly scratching the surface (in an inconspicuous place). Janka Hardness: 1,660 lb f (7,380 N) Modulus of Rupture: 14,140 lb f /in 2 … Large Labeling Area On Front To Clearly Identify Contents For Quick Retrieval And Easy Filing With Durable Sheesham Wood Structure. Buy Retro Serving Tray in Sheesham Wood for Men Online at ... Sheesham Wood. Sheesham Wood offers a wide variety of shades for all those “raw” nature lovers – ranging from simple withered look to dry redwood hue. From the woods and seeds, an oil is extracted which has numerous medicinal … View Mobile Number. Sissoo tree is known by many names such as Sisu, Sheesham, Agaru, Tali, etc. Sheesham/Shisham is for those wondering is the Hindi word for Indian Rosewood. Call for pricing and availability. The grain pattern is relatively straight, but has interlocking patterns that turn or swirl at 90 degrees, and can cause chipping or blowout on … You can quickly identify it, as it sets itself apart with a distinctive and strong natural grain pattern of normally 2 tones. Cube Petite Indian Sheesham Wood Modern S Shelf/Shelving/ Coffee Table. Teak originally served as shipbuilding material since it is so resistant to decay and water damage. It is native to Himalayan foothills in Northern India and is distributed in many countries viz. It is exported as quality veneers. Sheesham Wood: Known for its wood grains and colour, Sheesham wood is resistant to termites and natural decay making it highly durable. INDIGENOUS HABITAT: West India. Learn how to identify the type of existing stain or dye that's on the timber, how to then strip an existing stained wood surface back and then how to apply new stain for the best finish possible. Decide if it has been weathered or stained. Sector 9, Faridabad, Haryana. Manufacturer. The exterior and interior of the furniture will not match. Scientific Name: Dalbergia sissoo. Since the wood has very little shrinkage, it is one of the most consistent and stable furniture lumbers on the market. Look wise, sheesham wooden is golden brown or darkish brown in shade. Project Menu Project Menu. How do I identify Sheesham wood furniture? Weight is another way to identify teak wood. Get contact details & address of companies engaged in wholesale trade, manufacturing and supplying Wood across India. It is not as durable as solid wood but can last a few years with proper maintenance. Your are advised to check the product at the time of delivery. Hisar, Haryana. 1-877-232-3915: Indian Rosewood … In Bihar, the tree is planted on roadsides, along canals and as a shade tree for tea plantations. It is extremely dense and has mild rot resistance, but it is porous and its exterior is soft and susceptible to wood-boring insects. These species can produce a sturdy piece of furniture, but they may be susceptible to cracking if they’re coming from a humid environment to a drier one. Sissoo is an important timber tree of India. Rubber wood is one of the longest-lasting woods used to make furniture. You can mix Rubber wood perfectly with other types, for example, industrial furniture. This hub tries to explore the qualities of teak wood and how to identify original teak wood furniture. If the product is not as per your liking or you see any demaged item, You can return it right on the spot. Sheesham ranks 1,660 on the Janka scale, which is a scale that ranks wood for density and hardness. By any chance a defect is seen on the product after its delivered, please reach us on … Weight of the wood. It is introduced in many other countries of tropics and subtropics and now naturalise in Africa and America. The best way to restore the color is with wood dye, which soaks deeper into the wood pores than pigment satin. To make it sturdy and price utilizing, the wood is first air dried very rigorously in any other case it tends to separate. Due to its after-work quality when sealed and dyed, it … 10 DIY Wood Stains That are Homemade Easily. Builders use rubberwood primarily for furniture pieces, as it is a strong and durable wood that stains well. Apart from reading labels carefully, you can also identify engineered wood by the weight of the furniture. The wood ranges from dark amber to reddish brown, similar to mahogany or teak. Common Name(s): Sissoo, Sheesham. Kora TV Unit, Sheesham Wood … M/S RESILIENT FURNITURES - Offering Sheesham Wood Godrej Chequers 2 DR Wardrobe Walnut in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Sheesham wood responds well to most, … Quality furniture is also made without knots. Lower your stuff and dining room if your interior is tiny, choose sheesham wood dining chairs that harmonizes with. The grain pattern and light-brown color resemble domestic birch, but because of spalting -- varied colors caused by a fungus growing in the wood -- streaks of pink, black, yellow, amber and green sometimes appear. Dalbergia sissoo is timber from rosewood species from India and Bangladesh, usually known as sheesham or North-Indian rosewood. The tree grows for up to 30 -40 m and lives for around hundred years. Teak tree is a tropical hardwood tree classified under the family Verbenaceae. Marissa Solid Sheesham Wood 6 Drawer Chest. Company Video. Stained woods may be made to look like another type of wood, and you can tell if the color is very uneven or there is a varnish on it, that it may be stained. For the sake of comparison, red oak is softer than sheesham, ranking 1,290 on the scale. Don't want to do this job yourself? The wooden itself may be very brittle. Occasional whitish grey pockets of silica can be dulling to tools. The chemical composition of Sheesham tree: sheesham leaves. It has nut-brown … Right after determining how much area you are able to make room for sheesham wood dining chairs and the place you would like potential parts to move, mark these places on the floor to acquire a easy match. Our generations of experinece in craftmenship helps us identifying the fine quality of sheesham wood giving us an edge over other competitors; Returns. Sheesham or Indian rosewood is one of the most sought-after material for furniture. THE DIAMOND SHAPES in the head and foot boards are not the cutting in one solid wood but they are affixed one thin woods with the help of nails etc which is hard to … Mango ranks 1,070 on the Janka scale, which rates wood for density. Solid Sheesham Wood Cube Table. It has also the potential to cause miscarriage. Call +91-8068441025 Dial Ext 833 when connected. The plant is intrinsically warm and cures swelling and oedema. Properties: Sheesham is bitter, pungent and astringent in nature. BINOMIAL NAME: Dalbergia sissoo : OTHER NAMES : sisu, sheesham, tahli, Tali and also Irugudujava: COMMENTS: We have a great supply of both turning stock and live edge book matched lumber. A collection of uniform layers is common to Plywood, while a dense mix resembling … Domestic red oak, by comparison, ranks 1,290 on the same scale. Workability. See more ideas about Wooden games, Wooden, Sheesham wood. It is also … Hisar Old Kath Mandi, Amti Talab, Jagdish Colony, Hansi - 125033, Dist. Distribution: Primarily northern India, Nepal, and Pakistan, as well as Western Asia; also grown on plantations. Apr 17, 2019 - Explore Faraz saifi's board "wooden games of saharanpur artisans" on Pinterest. BUT it was very terrible experience to see that in the lower part of headboard engineered wood were used, that too was not tight-fitting. Look too at the grain of the wood. Sheesham Wood Wardrobes. Shisham is the best known economic timber species of the rosewood genus sold internationally, but it is also used as fuel wood and for shade and shelter. Twitter Facebook Pin It Buffer. Sheesham Wood has a large number of varieties, and various shades of natural wood come along for each array. It will be much lighter than solid wood furniture. Get best price and read about company. Good quality Sheesham Wood - The competent range of products - Wide distribution network. If either of these colorations describes your wood, you may need to move on to the third method, since visual … It also serves in flooring and in finish construction millwork. How to Tutorial; Video; Find Tradesmen; Help; If you need to re-stain existing … India, Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. Sheesham wood comes from sustainable forests and is cut when it is around 120 years old, it is then matured and dried before being made into a thing of beauty. This furniture will last you for life and as it is hardwood it will survive all … Buy Wakefit Wood bed online in India. Indian Sheesham Wood Furniture from Indian Antique. Parmar Mango Wood ₹ 320/ Cubic … Lifting the furniture and looking at the base of the legs is another good indicator. It is used for making cabinets and flooring, and for carving. Let us help you find a tradesman local to you . We guess that buying "Rosewood" sounds more sexy as opposed to Sheesham right?? A little expensive, it is termite-resistant and can withstand varying temperatures with an ease. The description says it's madeup of sheesham wood, and mattress board and lower board is engineered wood. Cracks in the wood is a sign that it's not very good quality and will likely split at some point. It additionally has streaks of sapwood which is perhaps white to mild brown. Get Discount Luro Sheesham Wood Bench by Union Rustic For Sale Luro Sheesham Wood Bench by Union Rustic Find For Discount. Staining is a popular way to enhance, reinvent or re-imagine your wood furniture and other wooden projects. Find here Wood wholesaler & Wholesale Dealers in India. TrustSEAL Verified Verified Exporter. Contact Supplier Request a quote. About Sheesham Wood : Sheesham is a very durable and dense hardwood which has a beautiful grain with rich colours. read more... Bhagwati Corporation (india) Jagdish Colony, Hansi, Dist. Call +91-7971278911. If it's hard, durable wood, it shouldn't scratch easily. Indian Sheesham Wood Furniture. So Sheesham wood or Shisham wood is essentially known as North Indian Rosewood or Dalbergia sissoo.