ON-CAMPUS BUILDING CREATES COMMUNITY. Eligibility. ALUMNI. Since finishing her dual degree and graduate programs in 2007, she worked in investment banking in New York City until last fall and is currently a Director in Capital Markets at Angel Oak Capital. Learn More . 215-898-2826 . Graduates of the VIPER program obtain a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from the School of Arts and Sciences as well as a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) from the School of Engineering and Applied Science. LAB & SUMMIT. M&TSI. Wharton & Penn Engineering united in one powerful dual degree program. For the majority of people the BA (so double major not dual degree) is going to be the better option. This coordinated dual-degree program addresses the dynamic changes in the delivery and financing of health care services in the United States and the public’s concern about the quality, cost, and management of health care. Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics School of Engineering and Applied Science . Second Majors. Tel. CAREERS. Dual Degrees. Proposed expected graduation date/completion of both degrees (example: Spring 2022):_____ Proposed Program: Approve Reject. Master of City Planning/Master of Social Work A joint degree is offered by the City Planning program in the Weitzman School and the School of Social Policy and Practice. Dual Degrees Many Wharton MBAs choose to extend their education beyond the Wharton School. Coordinated Dual-Degree, Accelerated and Specialized Programs. Career Path/Technical Electives. Dual degree students must plan their programs of study with their academic advisors. Penn Engineering’s dual degree programs allow students to combine their BSE or BAS degree with a second degree in one of Penn’s other undergraduate schools. Additional Application Documents. and up to four Penn Law courses toward the M.S.Ed. Engineering and College students must complete the Wharton Dual Degree Application to be considered for an uncoordinated dual degree status should they not be admitted to the Jerome Fisher Program All application materials must be submitted no later than 5:00 pm EST, May 18th, 2020. Learn more about all programs here. Interested applicants from outside Penn should apply via the School of Engineering’s Graduate Admissions site. ABOUT. PURSUE. The Wharton MBA degree requires that students complete a minimum of 19 credit units (cu). Both the BSE and the BAS degrees allow considerable flexibility in fulfilling the elective categories listed below. Those programs that include a degree with Penn Engineering include: Partnerships with Other Schools. Completing the requirements of both schools requires a heavy courseload and may require more than four years to complete, depending upon AP credits and how many courses overlap both schools’ requirements. All dual degree programs enable students to complete two degrees concurrently in less time that it would take to earn the degrees separately. www.me.upenn.edu . Penn, Purdue, UC Merced and UF Partner on New $26M NSF Engineering Research Center for the Internet of Things for Precision Agriculture. As one of the world’s great research institutions, the University of Pennsylvania is home to an array of superb graduate and professional schools – all within walking distance of the Law School. The College collaborates with the Wharton School in offering two joint degree programs, the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business and the Vagelos Program in Life Sciences Management. Department Website. Dual Degree Options. For questions specific to … Individualized plans often differ by student and billing for dual degree programs occurs in conjunction with other schools within the University of Pennsylvania. 1. Applicants interested in a dual degree, transfer or submatriculation should fill in the electronic form available here. Consider customizing your MBA experience with one of the dual-degree or interdisciplinary options Wharton offers with the University of Pennsylvania and other schools below. You may combine your BAS or BSE degree with a second degree in one of Penn's other undergraduate schools. Learn More. Dual Degrees with Other University Programs. Entering students generally have baccalaureate degrees in the engineering, mathematical, physical or economic sciences. Penn’s specialized dual degree programs offer students the opportunity to pursue an integrated curriculum jointly offered by two schools within the University and incorporating interdisciplinary course work. NEW … Students with degrees in other fields who have expertise in quantitative and computer analyses also enter the program. With a dual degree between the College and Wharton, I needed to satisfy the requirements for both schools. Examples of dual degrees include majors across different schools at Penn such as Penn Engineering (SEAS) and the School of Arts and … CONNECT. LEARN MORE. INTEGRATE. A Dual Degree is not to be confused with a Dual Major, where a student earns two majors within Penn Engineering, or with a Second Major where an engineering student also earns a major within the College. THE JEROME FISHER M&T ADVANTAGE Solving big problems, two degrees at a time. You may combine your engineering degree with a second degree in one of Penn’s other undergraduate schools. Columbia and Wash U aren’t the only schools that offer dual degrees, but they are popular choices at many liberal arts colleges. Instead, students must complete the traditional curriculum of two different programs to earn two different degrees. meam@seas.upenn.edu . enn . Other Engineering Dual Degree Programs. GUIDELINES FOR GRADUATE STUDY . Systems Engineering at Penn is one of the broader degrees in the Engineering school, which allowed me to handcraft my experience and specialize in a unique way which wouldn’t have been possible in other majors. The aim of this program is to cross-train leaders who will assume high-level positions in educational law and policy-making in either the public or private sectors. ADMISSIONS. 50. Dual degree students may apply up to four relevant courses taken at Penn GSE toward the J.D. University of Pennsylvania . A joint program of Penn’s School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) and the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), VIPER leads to dual Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) degrees by combining majors from each school. With a dual degree program, you gain deep expertise in two areas, doubling your networks and knowledge. First of all congratulations! Students simultaneously earn two undergraduate degrees from two different schools within four to five years. HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER PROGRAM. On the second sheet of my spreadsheet, I tracked all the College requirements I had to satisfy. Skip to main content Penn LPS COVID-19 Update LPS staff are not onsite, but we are still available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. by phone and online in case you need support: (215) 898-7326 or lps@sas.upenn.edu. APPLY. The blended curriculum covers three years and may include one intervening summer. Dual Master’s Degrees within Penn Engineering. Philadelphia, PA 19104-6315 . Additional Dual Degrees. The only difference is that with a dual degree you get a second degree when you graduate (a BSE or BAS) in addition to your BA from the college of arts and sciences. Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business. MEAM Master of Science in Engineering Program . Dual Majors. Dual Degrees. These coordinated dual-degree programs provide unique opportunities for students to pursue additional academic interests along with their undergraduate business degrees. At the end of each semester, I would unbold the requirements I had completed, and keep track of how many math classes, as well as overall College classes I had left. Undergraduate Degree: Electives. A dual-degree, is awarded at the end of finishing both degrees; typically taking one extra year. They are both excellent, you can't go wrong with either choice. Although it may seem as though the degree is full of pre-determined requirements, students actually have the freedom to select many courses, especially after completing the first two years. Before applying to transfer or submatriculate, please have (1) your latest resume or CV, (2) your academic transcript. STUDENT LIFE. Wharton offers established dual-degree programs with Johns Hopkins University School of … Coordinated Dual Degree The College collaborates with the Wharton School and the School of Engineering and Applied Science to offer joint degree programs. 229 Towne Bldg., 220 S. 33rd Street . Unlike coordinated dual-degree programs, dual degrees do not offer a specialized curriculum. GROW. A student pursuing a dual degree must satisfy the requirements for both degrees and will ultimately earn two bachelor’s degrees from two separate schools of the university. Education Policy, M.S.Ed. Wharton students can complete a dual degree with the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, or the School of Nursing. To pursue a dual degree across schools, you must apply and be admitted to both schools. Dual degree requirements are documented in the Weitzman School Student Handbook. By pursuing dual degrees in science and engineering, VIPER students acquire a dual perspective in understanding fundamental science as well as engineering applications. Penn undergraduates interested in pursuing a dual degree with Wharton should review the information below and in the ... and any questions should be directed to undergradinfo@wharton.upenn.edu. Students can enrich their undergraduate experience by satisfying degree requirements in two BSE curricula as a dual major. What does it mean to pursue a dual degree? Visit coronavirus.upenn.edu, the University's dedicated coronavirus COVID-19 web page, for the latest updates.Penn LPS is ensuring that all students have access to the support they need. A dual degree means that you are completing two approved majors across two different schools at Penn. Penn LPS COVID-19 Update LPS staff are not onsite, but we are still available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. by phone and online in case you need support: (215) 898-7326 or lps@sas.upenn.edu. August 2020 . Dual Degree Options. Students may combine a BAS or BSE degree with a second degree in one of Penn’s other undergraduate schools. Joint Degree Programs 15% of the Class of 2017 (37 students) graduated with joint degrees - across 11 different disciplines. If you have focused academic interests, you can apply to programs that will enable you to earn more than one degree as you delve deeply into a specific area of interest. The program combines a BS in Nursing from the School of Nursing with a BS in Economics from Wharton. Visit Website. Students interested in pursuing dual master degrees in Penn Engineering should submit an Application for the Dual Master’s Degree in Penn Engineering after completing at least one semester with a minimum GPA of 3.50.