Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After escaping the tribesman possible retaliation, they think they're safe, but then realize they about to reach Victoria Falls and are swept over a waterfall. Mark Kirkland, who had visited Africa before, served as the director for "Simpson Safari". The Simpsons family are in the kitchen, gathered for breakfast. Including all seasons, the movie, comics, news, books, videos, tweets from the creators, fan art, merchandise, contests, events, and more! Commentary for "Simpson Safari", in, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series, Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore), "Simpsons: Around the World in 80 d'Oh's! April 1, 2001 Objects; (2009). [9] While he admitted that he found a couple of scenes funny, he argued that the episode over relied on broad gags and "never threatens to become inspired or amusing". Well the Simpsons is such a great show, and we need reminders like this to keep us watching. The guide contains staff/voice credits, funny Simpsons quotes, references and other notes. Shield yourself from the elements. All animals' noises (except for Santa's Little Helper, who is voiced by main cast member Dan Castellaneta) were done by American voice actor Frank Welker. After surviving the plunge over Victoria Falls, the family eventually reaches Mount Kilimanjaro and stumbles upon a nearby chimpanzee sanctuary maintained by the scientist Dr. Joan Bushwell (a parody of Jane Goodall). He bites into a giraffe-shaped cracker, but it turns out that giraffe is made of solid gold. On the plane ride back to Springfield, it is revealed that their former tour guide, Kitenge, is now president of the country, with the former president now the Simpsons' flight attendant. Butters: Well why didn't you tell me the Simpsons already did that? The episode features Frank Welker as all the animals in Africa. [9], Writing for Bullz-Eye.com, Will Harris gave the episode a negative review as well. We post everything and all things Simpsons! The family forms a chorus line which turns into a large circus extravaganza. History Comments Share. "That was kind of fun for me to try to make this stuff [...] as crazy as the story is, [to] make it realistic", Kirkland commented on directing the episode. Additionally, the song that Kitenge sings when driving the Simpsons ("Wé-Wé" by Angélique Kidjo) was a popular song in Africa. These are Unproduced episodes of The Simpsons where full scripts were written but the episode was never produced. [4] Dr. Joan Bushwell, the "Jane Goodall-type" character in the episode,[3] was portrayed by American voice actress Tress MacNeille, who also voices Lindsey Naegle among other characters in the series. When he was sixteen years old, Kirkland spent six weeks in Kenya with a film crew that was making a documentary film called A Visit to a Chief's Son. [4], Former The Simpsons' showrunner Mike Reiss stated, at an April 2007 talk in Bristol, Connecticut, that "Simpson Safari" is one of two of the show's episodes that he dislikes.[8]. The scene is among homer simpson, moe szyslak, and barney gumble. [11], DVD Talk's Jason Bailey wrote that "Simpson Safari" makes use of one of his favorite story elements that he called a "wandering storyline". John Swartzwelder Also, don't just put "The Simpsons" in the message subject - I also wrote a guide for The Simpsons Hit and Run, and things can get confusing. Dr. Bushwell tells the Simpsons that she is in Africa because she is researching chimpanzees, but, when Greenpeace arrive at the refuge, the family discover that she has enslaved the apes and is making them work in a diamond mine beneath the refuge. "Simpson Safari"'s setpiece shows some of Springfield's citizens mistreating the bag boys in a grocery store, prompting the bag boys to go on strike. Muntu then appears dressed as a flight attendant and says, "I don't want to talk about it." Directed By Homer bites into a solid-gold giraffe, which is the winning contest piece for a trip to Africa. Following its home video release, "Simpson Safari" received mixed reviews from critics. Zo kun je hem zelf al bekijken. Apple Safari Selecteer in het browser menu de optie "Preferences". Circus Line couch gag Now get to some Simpsons reading. The satiric adventures of … At one point, the family is seen by two Africans, who speak in Kiswahili. "Old Money" was the first episode to feature Grampa's full name, Abraham Simpson. [12] I only speak English, so no multi-language crap. But get five bags in case we eat four on the way home. Finding out that anyone that found the golden cracker would win a trip to Africa, Homer shows it to the company's owners, who refuse to honor the prize. The O. J. Simpson Trial: Excerpts from the Trial Transcript Print Email Details Kato Kaelin on the witness stand. - Candy class. (2009). MARGE Woo! The episode was directed by Mark Kirkland, who had been to Africa as a child. With a mesh insert and script logo embroidery to the front, this safari hat is set to be a Champion classic. Simpson Safari Written By Hifi.nl is een online magazine cq internetportal met zeer veel informatie over audio en video gerelateerde merken, producten bedrijven. Vink op het "Security" tabblad bij de sectie "Web content" de checkbox "Enable JavaScript" aan. Lisa reads the box, and it says, "Find the golden giraffe, and we'll send you and your family on a trip to Africa." Generating the Simpsons TV scripts using RNNs and LSTMs. I need this candy for school. The next scene starts with the family sitting on the plane to go back to Springfield, with all of them but Lisa carrying a small fortune in diamonds. FY Springfield (FYS) is a fan blog for The Simpsons. They then see a few tribesmen along the riverbank, who sound menacing in their native language but are actually speaking kindly of the Simpsons. Most recent news about The Simpsons. The first part works on browsers without support for