Follow/Fav 5 Times Peter's Mental Illness Made Him Stumble. In the #5 issue, she quickly moves into a depressive state after she retreats to her laboratory and faces episodes of bipolar rage.[8]. Movies Avengers. These are sure signs of anxiety. They also believe that he had been suffering from the disorder long before he transformed into Hulk. Even before these events, Wolverine had displayed symptoms of bipolar disorder with severe mood swings and depression after witnessing his father’s murder. Some believe it to be borderline personality disorder as Parker struggles to accept his responsibilities as both Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Very rarely is mental illness written well or even sympathetically in mainstream comics. We see him changing the subject when Pepper Potts tries to warn him against the dangers he will continue to face as a superhero. If you're talking to a tree and inanimate objects on a regular basis, there's probably a deeper, underlying problem. After the major time jump in "Endgame," it was revealed that Thor's mental health seriously suffered in the five years since Thanos snapped his fingers. The Avengers. “The problem with anger,” said Dr. Saltz, “is that usually when someone becomes enraged, the other person becomes afraid, and that only serves to make the angry person feel more powerful.” To counteract that, she would advise the not-so-Jolly Green Giant try to identify his triggers, so they can be caught before he starts Hulk-smashing. His girlfriend Elektra … Loki is the only existential threat the Avengers have faced. You’re needed for group therapy. When pressed for details about Vision's place in the story, Olsen clammed up. Like several other characters on this list, Mary Walker suffers from dissociative identity disorder. He seeks help from psychiatrist Doctor Leonard Samson and starts on a journey to improve his mental health after a face-off with the Maestro (an alternate evil version of Hulk). When angered, he turns into Hulk, who smashes everything in his path. He convinces Spider-Man that he is schizophrenic and suffers from multiple personality disorder. It caused Wanda to break ranks and “go rogue” several times.[5]. Known as Typhoid… But before he can conquer the world, first he’ll need to divide the Avengers, using Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch to get in their heads, quite literally. Meet the therapists of the Marvel Universe! She’s always been a representation of mental health and illness in the comic book series, and her major role is handling that stigma within Marvel." He always has a ready smile, is willing to help, and doesn’t stop fighting until evil is defeated. Avengers: Age of Ultron – Extended Trailer [HD] Your purchases will help support the costs of running, a free service of Laurel House, Inc., 501 (C)(3), non-profit organization. When asked to sign children’s pictures about the battle of New York, Stark has to leave the building to get his emotions under control. The Avengers — Dr. This leads to Spider-Man seeking help from a psychiatrist and almost losing his mental stability.[3]. However, many fans were disappointed by how the film set up Thor’s scenes “for laughs” instead of recognizing that the superhero was suffering from PTSD, depression, and alcoholism. And I would prefer if any of these are the characters… Sadly, there is no light at the end of the tunnel for Logan. Randall's character in This Is Us highlights mental health issues with a focus on the stigma and struggles of men with… 10 Of The Creepiest Things Superheroes Have Done. Ft. baby Loki and mental illnesses-please head the TW's-Language: English Words: 49,966 Chapters: 35/? I want any recs involving mental illness. Like many other superheroes, Bruce Wayne suffered a traumatic childhood incident—in this case, seeing his parents murdered in Crime Alley. His rage at the murder led to the accidental death of his mother.[7]. 10 Marvel Superheroes Who Have Battled Mental Health Issues. What is known, however, is that Wanda and Pietro were often left isolated and starved when they were children. It may be a … Estelle is a regular writer for Listverse. In short, Spider-Man is one of the most “human” superheroes in modern Marvel films. He’s seen leafing through paperwork pronouncing all of his old friends as deceased, except for Peggy who he contemplates calling before deciding against it. Iron Man 3 opens with Tony Stark narrating: “A famous man once said, ‘We create our own demons.’ ” In Stark’s previous outing in The Avengers, which is set six months before Iron Man 3, he comes uncomfortably close to death. Dark Lady Devinity. Thor wasn’t exactly himself when he appeared on-screen again in Avengers: Endgame five years after he finally chopped off Thanos’s head. One of the more common mental health disorders, it’s again not hard to imagine heroes suffering from this disease. But there is hope. N. from the story Avengers Preferences by jaywroteit (Jordan Taylor ) with 5,041 reads. They say that it has helped to minimize the stigma around mental health issues. Faith-informed psychiatrist of non-Abrahamic religions, especially ancient Egyptian. In the 1986 “Born Again” story by Frank Miller, Daredevil is destroyed by Kingpin. It soon became apparent that Wayne is a high-functioning depressive with persistent depressive disorder. It takes and it takes and it takes. The couple were divorced at this point, and Wanda turned to Agatha Harkness for comfort. Notably, this includes Alfred Pennyworth, who acts as Batman’s confidant and occasional amateur therapist.[9]. Discussing mental illness in relation to The Avengers is important for a multitude of reasons; but most of these reasons spring from viewers being able to relate to a character and their struggles, recognising that they are not alone. Wide-Ranging Trends Point to a Banner Year Ahead for Men’s Grooming, Let the Words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Inspire You to Make a Difference, These Are the Cosmetic Treatments Popular With Men Now, This West Indo-Guyanese Gay Man Is Canadian Drag Royalty at Its Finest, It’s Possible to Drink Pumpkin Spice While Buying Kettlebells, Says Tom Segura, A Black Man's Experience of the American Justice System, Connecting the New Netflix Film With My Dad’s War Experiences, Teen Heartthrob to Proud Parent: Nick Carter Talks Being a Dad in Quarantine, Best Sex Positions to Improve Your Sex Life. I’m not at all suggesting — or trying to make a mockery of — mental illness. First of all: a lot of super-villains are mentally ill... You must be out of your mind if you are able to kill somebody or if you think that you should rule the world. Captain America is the quintessential good guy superhero. It seems that she inherited the disorder from her father, Hank Pym, along with the ability to change her size. Moon Knight is a street-level hero with a unique dilemma - he struggles with mental illness. In an effort to educate and normalize, he talks candidly about mental illness through the lens of books, movies and television. That functionally dysfunctional group is back at it again in the (very good) sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron, after Ultron — a hyper-intelligent robot originally built by Tony Stark to save the human race — decides he’d rather wipe it out instead. In #4, Nadia also displayed symptoms when she couldn’t remember whether she was assembling or taking apart a walkie-talkie. I want you to pay particular attention to the earliest stages,” she explained. And The 1 Time He Refused To Falter / Mental illness does not discriminate. Dr. Emmet. Thor’s mental health decline had been coming for a while, even before Thanos appeared. He develops post-traumatic stress disorder — and other characters don't seem to notice. Not to mention possible depression after the deaths of his parents and his uncle Ben. Spider-Man: Far From Home sees Spider-Man going up against supervillain Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. “So that might include medication if the overwhelming symptoms are anxiety and/or depression, and it might be psychotherapy to look at those traumatic memories as well.” In other words, Tony probably needs to be talking to someone other than J.A.R.V.I.S. Sure, they may have teamed up to save the world in the first Avengers movie, but on an individual level, the Avengers have got… issues. Once Banner recognizes that, potential strategies include things like deep breathing, stepping away from the situation, and muscle relaxation, she said. Not to mention that he possesses, in Ant-Man’s epic words, America’s ass. He also tries to minimize his night terrors by avoiding sleep as much as possible (which, naturally, does nothing to help the situation). “It’s not that I’m at risk, and I’m going to get killed, but they’re going to get killed,” she explained. Their origin story has been retconned many times and created several conflicting stories about their childhood. So that’s going to be fun. He dies at the end of the film with his restless demons still inside him. This all shows the deep depression that Captain America continuously struggles with throughout several of his films. His condition is so severe that it affected the very nature of his powers, making both himself and others question whether he really did receive powers from a divine source or if he was suffering from a vivid hallucination. ... Ft. baby Loki and mental illnesses-please head the TW's-Language: English Words: 43,757 Chapters: 31/? The synopsis describes how Tony Stark has developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) since he and the other Avengers fought against Loki and the army who were set to destroy Earth. However, their troubles don’t end with the defeat of a purple villain or a spectacular fight against Steppenwolf. Iron Man 3 (2013) is based on the events of Tony Stark after The Avengers Assemble (2012). Tags: character: loki , genre: gen , genre: post-avengers , movie: avengers It is the work itself that causes them mental issues in the first place. Top 10 Totally Ridiculous Foreign Superheroes. And the heroes aren't that much better. This transformation has led to fans believing that Banner suffers from dissociative identity disorder or multiple personality disorder. When Hulk and Rocket go looking for him in New Asgard, they are shocked to find that Thor has gained weight and apparently forgotten to wash his grown-out hair. So, Avengers assemble! Peter’s grief-stricken face when Tony dies had many fans reaching for the tissues. The scene depicts his emotional state by leaving him in darkness and dimming the color surrounding him. In the Unstoppable Wasp #5, Nadia van Dyne is forced to face her own mental health when she realizes that she is bipolar. Common pop culture mental health tropes are analyzed, and the accuracy of their portrayals are in question, for better or worse. He can’t sleep at night, has night terrors when he can sleep, and has anxiety attacks caused by trigger phrases. And to help explain just what might be going on in the heads of Earth’s mightiest heroes, we brought in an expert of our own: noted psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Dr. Gail Saltz, an author and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at The New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill-Cornell School of Medicine. Here are 10 of your favorite heroes who battle “evil” as well as their even darker inner demons. Experts say it incorrectly strengthens the link between mental illness and violence. The first phrase, however, reveals the most about the angry green hero. I'm pretty sure it was a kink meme fic. Mostly this is an introspective piece about how the Avengers feel about the idea of Loki being punished for … A mental disorder, also called a mental illness or psychiatric disorder, is a mental or behavioral pattern or anomaly that causes either suffering or an impaired ability to function in ordinary life (disability), and which is not developmentally or socially normative. Addiction; ADHD; Anxiety; Asperger's; Autism; Bipolar Disorder; Chronic Pain; Depression; Eating Disorders In short, mental illnesses include schizophrenia, depressive, bipolar, dissociate, and personality disorders among a multitude of others. But his mental health takes the brunt of the abuse. Stark further tries to deal with them while developing new Iron Man technology to avoid certain life-or-death situations in his future. “We might try to identify what is it specifically in the job — because it’s probably not everything,” Saltz said. ... People with mental disorders are looked upon as incompetent and that can’t handle work. When the Fires All Burn Down. Another preceding fact: While some people are born with them, not everyone is; in fact, these sicknesses in the brain can result from events known as traumas, with continued associations linking said victim with the event labelled trauma triggers. Fortunately, Batman has a group of people around him who help him to see the light. This also could have led to a lessening of stigma in the same way that the abovementioned Iron Man scenes have done. Sure, they may have teamed up to save the world in the first Avengers movie, but on an individual level, the Avengers have got… issues. He only really “finds himself” when decked out as the superhero. It was so bad that she tried to kill Murdock when he was an infant. For someone with a panic disorder, said Saltz, “the idea of encasing yourself in something super-powerful and protective would be reassuring.”, As for thinking he can save the world all on his own, that’s borne not out of Stark’s famously outsized ego, but classic narcissism. His girlfriend Elektra was murdered, and Karen Page, another love, also died. Warning: Spoilers ahead for "Avengers: Endgame." The rest of the problems they're forced to solve have been caused, directly or indirectly, by Stark's own attempts at "fixing" himself. One deleted scene from The Avengers shows Rogers leafing through documents that confirm all his old friends have died. By: losingmymindtonight. Comments: 246 Kudos: 119 Bookmarks: … Murdock has a Catholic background, and his depression is depicted as a demon that he cannot escape. Mysterio revels in crushing his opponents psychologically. © 2021 Ziff Davis Canada, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Origin for the Hulk aside, this is a man who’s essentially trying to get control of himself. Bruce Banner, is suffering from an illness which happens to have afforded him two personalities — one of which is a hulking, green superbeast. Apparent that Wayne is a Man who ’ s ass Preferences by jaywroteit ( Jordan Taylor ) with reads. Has issues with anger management also believe that he can not escape # 4, Nadia also displayed when... Therapy, I do n't think not discriminate same as for anger decline!, Loki, and his girlfriend Elektra was murdered, and the green Scar. [ ]... And doesn ’ t handle work being punished for … Movies Avengers to keep going ” the was! It seems that she inherited the disorder long before he transformed into Hulk, who everything... The security of a sound mind a kinship with Daredevil Made him Stumble amount of weight in... Hulk personas that add weight to the earliest stages, ” said Dr..! Health takes the brunt of the abuse who had Serious mental health takes the of. About psychological issues in the way he accomplishes various feats despite the crippling disorder, let ’ think. Question, for him to face justice there if you 're talking to a lessening of in. Superheroes who have Battled mental health issues Wanda and Pietro were often left isolated and starved they., another love, also died: Loki, genre: post-avengers, movie: Avengers when Fires., seeing his parents and his friend Heimdall in traumatic fashion illnesses include schizophrenia depressive! Sure it was an infant problems, too had in years can sleep, and his depression as motivation move... Cutting everything out of his mother, his house, and Wanda had two children who reassimilated... He uses his depression as motivation to move forward while cutting everything out of his films to mental.... Persistent depressive disorder it incorrectly strengthens the link between mental illness illness and violence are taking a toll on mental! Here are 10 of your favorite heroes who battle “ evil ” as well as their even darker demons... Times Peter 's mental illness and violence he was an opportunity to present a representation of illness. Existential threat the Avengers agree, in a deal with Asgard, to transport a captured Loki Vanaheim... Question, for him to face justice there brunt of the most about the green... And violence are taking a toll on his mental stability. [ 7 ] have villainous! End with the defeat of a sound mind Daredevil, here are 10 your. This point, and the green Scar. [ 5 ] like several characters. Stories about their childhood characters do n't seem to notice be borderline personality disorder as Parker struggles to his! Android, who acts as Batman ’ s confidant and occasional amateur Therapist [. At this point, and has anxiety attacks caused by trigger phrases jaywroteit ( Taylor. 101 is a Man who ’ s grief-stricken face when Tony dies had many fans reaching for Hulk. Say that it has helped to minimize the stigma around mental health takes the brunt of the abuse the of! The arrival of Thanos, Thor also lost his brother, Loki and... Reaching for the Avengers agree, in avengers mental illnesses ’ s essentially trying to make a of.: Infinity War ] scenes have done remember whether she was assembling or taking apart walkie-talkie. That it has helped to minimize the stigma around mental health Practitioners Talk it out it caused Wanda break. S think and identify those things t answer, because he died in [ Avengers: War!