While Max Drag is the mark of technical performance, Usable Drag Strength is the actual amount of usable drag that the reel has. We hope you enjoy it. Ok, maybe it's just me... What prevents a reel from free-spooling? For many years, the trend in fly reel manufacturing was … Here are the categories: Max drag is our hallmark test category. Read through all of the categories. Vintage Abu Garcia Cardinal 753 Reel $1 (GILLETTE) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. 33144 Email: andrew@nautilusspear.com Phone: 305-610-3005 We calculated estimated volume using the following formula: This calculation isn’t exact because some of the spool designs featured arbors that weren’t flat, but it does give us a basic idea of reel capacity. Why? A great example of this is the Hatch - it requires very little torque to set it all the way to max drag, and therefore 100% of its drag is usable. Since 1991. As a 8 weight reel is fairly likely going to be used in a salt water environment why wouldn't "Sealed" drag not be a category ? This test cuts through every manufacturer's claim and various retail claims of which reel is really the best in performance across a variety of important categories. But let's back up. Why have 2 turns of drag when the reel is going to free spool after one turn? Our goal is to test as many reels as we can, so, if your favorite reel wasn't included and you'd like to see it tested next time, CLICK HERE, to send an e-mail to your favorite manufacturer. There are two types of friction: static - when the drag isn't moving - and kinetic - when a fish is pulling on the drag. We can talk about fly reel performance all day long, but when it comes down to buying a reel, look and feel is just as important. Large MAX for 8-9wt- black and clear. While I was surprised by our winner, I was definitely not surprised by our best buy. Cabela's Outfitter XL Cot $75 (Emporia) hide this posting restore restore this posting. So the initial ie. It's the amount you could comfortably dial in while fighting a fish. We then set the machine in motion and measured the force nearly 1000 times per second. Spool Width. This fly is intricately tied with a variety of techniques that are easy to learn and fun to use in a variety of other streamer patterns. That definitely tells a story. We found that when fly line was on the reel, it shifted around too much to get consistent results. Also in the salt many reels will get dunked and heavily splashed due to the nature of the environment. The Ashland Fly Shop is the ultimate online fly fishing resource for beginner, intermediate and serious fly swingers. So th. Handle: The best handles were fairly long - they move your knuckles further away from the spool so you're never touching it. ... Daiwa costal tws 200 fishing reel and rod $175 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. The Tibor Everglades spool cost isn't too bad but the Nautilus CCF X2 is even better. North Platte River Fly Shop / Grey Reef Fly Fishing Outfitters Business Hours, LONGEST OWNED GREY REEF FLY SHOP AND GUIDE SERVICE ON THE NORTH PLATTE RIVER, At the North Platte River Fly Shop you will find the best full service Grey Reef destination Fly Shop with a large selection of rods, reels, waders, fishing apparel, wading boots, gear bags, fly tying vises, vests and watercraft! What a tool! We awarded points based on how close reels got to 50%. Therefore, bigger IS better, as they say. I will be purchasing an Orvis Hydros SL due to great performance at a low cost and while the overall craftsmanship might not be as good as some of the other reels, you could keep replacing the reel 2 to 4 times before you would equal the original price point of some that were tested. After all, who hasn't dropped a reel? $15. As with all of our reviews, we'll try to remain as objective as possible, and we’ll give you all of the raw data to draw your own conclusions, if you wish. Will be a customer in the near future. For this category, we started with our Max Drag point, then dialed it back exactly half of the range of the drag. I'm headed to the Amazon for Peacock Bass in a couple of weeks, needed a new real and searched for a review website and found you. We provide you with only the best, proven gear and Ashland Fly Shop has the best selection, pricing, free shipping, free training & tutorials, reviews, and resources available for your fishing needs. Your graph uses distance on the horizontal axis and I presume this is the length of line pulled from the reel where zero is the stat point . Leave us a comment below! custom orange- 8-9wt. I can say from experience that danielsson reels can stop fish over 60lbs ( tested on salmon in Canada). I believe the Danielsson drag would be better than the Loop having had my hands on both. Drag knob: When a fish is cruising into open water and you've left your drag wide open, nothing is more important that getting that adjusted back to a fishable level. Since you're here to read about fishing not integral calculus, I won't bore you with this, but please know we did our best to give you a reasonable estimate (read: please don't send me an e-mail about it). I feel like I'm surprised each and every time by the winner of our shootout. Just found this Shootout. We are Wyoming's largest Simms and Patagonia outfitters along with other top brands like Sage, Winston, Abel, Galvan, Ross, Hardy, and Scott. Nautilus Fly Fishing Reels: X-Series, NV, CCF-X2 TFO Fly Reels: Temple Fork Outfitters BVK, NXT, Power Fly Fishing Reels Waterworks Lamson Fly Reels: Cobalt, Speedster, Litespeed, Guru S, Remix, Liquid Fly Reel Would have loved to see the Echo Bravo in this shootout. favorite this post Jan 16 Home Nautilus Abdominal & Lower Back Exercise Machine $100 (GRAND RAPIDS - Cascade) pic … Thanks Trident. This time around we landed on not including price. Before opening the link if it was the reel I was most interested in seeing in the test, and was disappointed it wasn’t listed. Best reels for the price. One of the key takeaways for me was that you can get great overall performance in a reel that is not just based upon price alone as seen by companies like Abel - the standout from the shootout to me was the Orvis Hydros SL. I’m always interested in “shoot outs” such as yours and feel that independent evaluation is key. Stay away from the cheap brands that survive exclusively based on price and marketing. When it comes to finish quality, one reel stood out with nearly unnoticeable damage. I know few people who don't purchase a spare. $25. $345. Top Flite XL 2000 Super Ti Distance Golf Balls 15 Pack $22 (Kent County) ... 2 Older Nautilus Machines $450 (Lincoln, DE) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Shakespeare rod n reel two of em... salmon rod $48 (N richland) ... Nautilus Personal Circuit $300 (Othello) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. The formula is: Not surprisingly, the results were very similar. Our favorite handle came from Nautilus.