Sarson ka Saag, Dal Makhni, Kadhi, Punjabi Chhole, Shahi Paneer, Palak Paneer, Kadhai Paneer, Baingan da Bhurtha, Butter Chicken, Punjabi Lachha Paratha, Chicken Tikkas, Tandoori Chicken, Makki di Roti, Chicken Biriyani, Amritsari Fish, Tandoori Fish, Bhuna Ghosht, Stuffed Vegetable Punjabi Parantha, Kebab, Fish Tikka, Punj Ratani Dal, Lamb Biriyani, Keema Naans, Malai Tikka, Reshmi Tikka are the main cuisine of the people of the city. Finch Mumbai- Shah industrial estate, Saki Vihar road, Andheri East. 701 likes. One would be very familiar of the architect, Le Corbusier. He was the architect of this first planned city of Chandigarh and also designated 14 sectors as cultural zone. The various yet popular dance forms of the city are: Bhangra, Giddha, Luddi, Julli, Dhamal, Jaago,  Sammi, Teeyan, Jhumar, Dankara, Kikili and Gatka. It houses several institutions like the Central Gov. Divided East Punjab needed new capital and three regions Ludhiana, Ambala, and Chandigarh were nominated for the same. The Chandigarh Mango festival which is organized at the Pinjore Garden in June is unique and gives an opportunity for the mango cultivators to exhibit their crop. Chandi means “Warrior version of Goddess Parvati” and Garh means “Fort.” The temple lies in Panchkula i.e 15 km away from the city Chandigarh. All Rights Reserved. Being a land of multi-lingual people, Chandigarh has a culture which mirrors the combination of the entire North India. Facebook. But Chandigarh was chosen as it was farthest from the Pakistan border. She had a passion for writing about India's lifestyle, culture, tradition, travel, and is trying to cover all Indian Cultural aspects of Daily Life. It's time to celebrate culture & welcome spring with open arms Chandigarh University wishes you all a very # HappyLohri. The majority of people living there were speaking Haryanavi so the eastern portion of East Punjab was called Haryana and while the western portion of East Punjab retains all the Punjabi speaking majority so-called as Punjab. Among these top food soya champ, Pav Bhaji, Amritsari Kulcha, Channa Bhatura, Cheese Naan with gravy, and Kadai Paneer are very famous. Punjabi Food is very popular, and when it comes to Chandigarh cuisine it comprises only Punjabi food. Post. The people of Chandigarh are those who enjoy their lives to the fullest and lead a hassle free life. Fetch Albums from Facebook. Find phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews of the top Cultural Centers in Chandigarh. Chandigarh (209) Sector 20 (20) Sector 18 (6) Sector 34 (2) … Find phone numbers, address, opening hours and reviews of the top Art And Culture Companies in Chandigarh. So, Chandigarh, get ready to experience a whole new culture with this snazzy brew exchange in Chandigarh! We provide you with the information on various aspects of the great Indian culture and its diversity. Chandigarh University extends warm greetings to everybody on this auspicious occasion of Lohri. Chandigarh is one of the major cities of India and home to some beautiful places to visit. Press alt + / to open this menu. In Chandigarh people like eating outside a lot so you can find various restaurants and dhabas running full. However, the city Chandigarh was declared as a union territory that now serves as the capital to both the states. institutions, research institutions and the branches of almost every national bank along with the large establishments of Air force and army as well. Ministry Of Bar Exchange - Elante. Say, even when a Jat and Khatri are next-door neighbors, some of their cultural traits vary a lot. Most of its inhabitants trace an Indo-Aryan ethnic origin. Location: Culture Brew Exchange, SCO 1, Sector 26, Chandigarh Culture Brew Exchange Culture Brew Exchange is a multicultural brewery and bar exchange in Chandigarh, the first of its kind. The name Chandigarh is formed from the goddess name Chandi and Garh means a fortress. The rich and fertile land of Chandigarh is a meeting ground for different people and races, so the tradition and culture of the city is a mixture of the various culture of India. Other art and crafts that are common are Handfans, Needlework, Weaving of Durries, Plastering the walls, Woodwork, and Pottery. Chandigarh is also referred to as “The city beautiful” because of the beautiful architecture and urban design used to build it. While Makki di Roti and Sarson ka saag is a popular dish of Punjab, various type of Chicken is also famous for Punjab. English is the official language of Chandigarh. Speaking of the language of the city, Punjabi and Hindi is most prominent. Culture Brew Exchange, Chandigarh, India. 900,914), 44 sq mi (114 sq km) and city, NW India.The city is the capital of both Haryana and Punjab states. One would find musical concerts, classical and folk dances, performances and also exhibitions conducted by various local artists irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Rock Garden – The Unique garden which consists of various art objects made by using industrial waste. Playboy Club opens its doors in Chandigarh: Those who said that there is no night life in Chandigarh now need to think twice, as the party culture in tricity & the region is set to witness global party trends. The main characteristic of the people of Chandigarh is that they are enormously amiable and food lovers. The staple of Chandigarh food is tandoori roti, naan, and parathas served with Dal Makhani, Chicken curry, or Butter Chicken. Khatris and Aroras are also two major communities in the city. #CU #Cultural #Fest is back with a bang from 30th Oct to 31st Oct 2015. 18K likes. The land is a flat and fertile tract of alluvial soils, and its rural farmland produces such crops as wheat, corn, and rice. Bar & Grill. However, Salwar Kurta remains the all-time favorite dress among ladies. The vibrant culture of Chandigarh is influenced by the neighboring states mainly Haryana and Punjab followed by Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. Department of Cultural Affairs - Chandigarh Administration. While Chandigarh is majorly occupied by Sikh Jat who is mostly agriculturist. Pub. Though the dominant population is of Punjabis and Hindus, and the most spoken languages are Punjabi and Hindi, the city has experienced a cultural mix; with inhabitants from all across the country. Polychromie Architecturale Les premiers essais de Polychromie archit... ecturale mentionnés par Le Corbusier dans l'Oeuvre complète concernent les intérieurs des maisons La Roche et Jeanneret en 1923. For instance, in the 10th sector of the city, there are Audio- Visual Training Institute, a Museum and an Art Gallery. 18,234 were here. The occasions of festivals call for celebrations and people enjoy it with great vigor and zeal. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. The people and culture here represents the lifestyle in most parts of northern India. Irrespective of the caste of the people living here they all mostly lead an urban lifestyle with all the city standards. Try Now! May the warmth of # Lohri fill your life with the essence of cheerfulness and brings you good fortune & prosperity. The people have a warm and friendly nature and there is diversity in caste and religion of the people living in this part of India. 1 like. Upload From Facebook. People of Chandigarh speak Hindi and Punjabi, while Haryanavi and English are also spoken language in the state. Fast Food Restaurant. Chandigarh is located at the foothills of Shivalik and has Punjab in the north and Haryana in the east. Accessibility Help. The main feature of Punjabi food is a lot of butter in food and food served with Punjab-di-Lassi. 23,332 likes. Chandigarh its name “The City Beautiful” says it all, it is one of the cleanest and well-developed cities of India. The people living in Chandigarh belong to different races and classes thus with lot of diversity. The Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development Regional Centre, (RGNIYD RC) Chandigarh in Collaboration with Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, Daman and Diu organized a webinar titled 'Break the Silence' on 19th January, 2021. Dusshera Festival – Dusshera Festival is celebrated in a big way with effigies of Ravan, Kumbkaran and Meghnath are burnt at a number of places in the city. Chandigarh-The Green City. Chandigarh is a city with diverse culture within the country as it has succeeded to attract many people from different parts of the country. The yellow mustard in the fields brings a gorgeous golden yellow glow to the area. However, nowadays people like to wear modern outfits. The blending of various cultural aspects is also reflected in the architectural styles and shrines of the city. Also Read: Experience Indian Festivals on a Holiday Trip Being the capital of two states, it follows a modern developed infrastructure with blend of the culture of either state. Copyright © 2014-2021 We keep on adding new and unique content which make users visit back over and over again. Renowned Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier succeeded Albert Mayer in laying out the master plan for Chandigarh, post which it was headed by the Chandigarh Capital Project Team comprising of Le Corbusier, Jane Drew and Maxwell Fry. It is derived from the Hindu goddess ancient temple Chandi Mandir which is located in Panchkula. Display of #Folk #Culture at CU #CUFest 2019 has showcassed the rich Indian cultural diversity in the magnitude of highest order. The tradition of dances of the city can be considered to be a mix of folk which is borrowed from the neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana. Sikhism and Hinduism are the prominent religions in the city and it also comprises Jains, Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians. CULTURE IS THE ART OF LIVING The people of Chandigarh are mostly Punjabis and they trace an Indo-Aryan ethnic origin. Do you own a business? A perfect stage for talent, brilliance and intelligence, this is the roller... Jump to. The Rock Garden, is located near the Sukhna Lake and has numerous sculptures made by using a variety of different discarded waste materials. Filter by neighborhood. The various sectors of the city are contributed for education, administration, leisure, residential purposes etc. Chandigarh (Hindi: चडगढ, Panjabi: ਚਡਗੜਹ Caṇḍīgaṛh [ˈʧʌɳɖiːgʌɽʰ]) ist eine Stadt (Municipal Corporation) in Indien. Log out. Phulkari Work – Chandigarh folk artwork has beautiful phulkaris which have colorful embroidery and knitting, in Phulkaris whole cloth is covered with close embroidery. It was designed by Le Corbusier Le Corbusier, pseud. There is a great deal of encouragement for the people in folk music and dance with various exhibitions and workshops held frequently to showcase the talent of the people. Thus, Chandigarh has succeeded immensely in carrying forward the diverse culture of the people who have come from various states to form a single group and promote the social status of the city. Chandigarh Carnival – Chandigarh carnival is a three-day event held in the second week of November. Among men, the traditional dress is kurta-Pajama and Punjabi Dhoti and Kurta, but men in Chandigarh are seen with their normal dress of pant shirt or t-shirt. Chandigarh is inhabited by people of varied races and classes. Read more! Art and Craft. Apart from the North Indian style alone, one will find the Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Bengal and Orissa architecture involved in the places of worship in the city. Le Corbusier conceived the master plan of Chandigarh as analogous to the human body, with a clearly defined head (the Capitol Complex, Sector 1), heart (the City Centre, Sector 17), lungs (the leisure valley, innumerable open spaces, and sector greens), the intellect (the cultural and educational institutions), the circulatory system (the network of roads, the 7 Vs) and the viscera (the Industrial Area). Here, there are artifacts that would take you back to the pre historic period and also those who which are related to the contemporary art. Chandigarh was the first city to be planned post India’s independence. Sign Up. Chandigarh is one of the modern, youngest and systematic city in India rightfully called “The City Beautiful“. Culture’s Algorithm To A Boozy Getaway: Buzzing Bar Exchange + Aromatic Fresh Lager + Scrumptious Food + Spectacular Live Gigs = Chandigarh’s Newest Party Vibe! Manage companies. Although, this city has involved people from different parts of the country with diverse cultures, one will find people speaking different languages as well. People. There is lots of diversity among the different castes residing in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is the master plan of a Swiss-French Architect, Le Corbusier. Bar & Grill. Chandigarh serves as the capital of two states Haryana and Punjab and is Union territory in India which is under the direct control of the Central Government. Culture Brew Exchange. Western outfits are the most popular among youngsters they like to wear jeans, skirts, tops, t-shirts rather than traditional dresses. Teej festival is considered to be the traditional fest which honors and hails monsoon. Culture. Sign up. It is situated on the Indo-Gangetic Plain a short distance southwest of the Siwalik Range, between the Sukhna and Patiali rivers. Jewellery – The design of jewelry and the motifs carved on them have sun, moon and various god and goddess images engraved, but after the arrival of Muslims they replace them with floral motifs. Museums and the university with faculties in fine arts, Asian studies and so on, were located here. Upload Photos. Contact details:8146282182. Contact details:9871730731 Interest. Chandigarh is home to various museums ranging from big and small and comprises International Dolls Museum, main government museum and art gallery, Fine Arts museum and the Museum of Evolution of Life. Log in. Baisakhi being the most important festival of the Punjabis, it is celebrated in the month of April and marks the beginning of the harvest season. The architectural shrines of the city reflect very well the cultural aspects with several sabhas and bhavans in the city. It is known for its green belts and other special tourist parks. 14,067 visits. We help you grow it Add your company. Arts and Crafts as a phrase means decorative designs and handicrafts. The people of the city have sought to the fast pace of life leading a leisurely lifestyle. The city of Chandigarh follows an urban routine which is similar to the one in other cities in the world. Famous places for tourism in Chandigarh are: is your one stop guide to the Indian Culture and Traditions. This is an effort to unite Uttarakhandi community residing of city beautiful CHANDIGARH Those r interested can join this page! Chandigarh, city and union territory of India. Kitty Su Chandigarh is making waves, bringing renowned artists to the City Beautiful. One would be very familiar of the architect, Le Corbusier. Chandigarh was located at the border of both the states and both of them try to incorporate Chandigarh in their territory. Simmi Kamboj is the Founder and Administrator of Ritiriwaz, your one-stop guide to Indian Culture and Tradition. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not … He was the architect of this first planned city of Chandigarh and also designated 14 sectors as cultural zone. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Other popular festivals in the city are Lohri, Diwali, Rakhi, Muktsar fair, Mango festival, and Teej. Sections of this page. The important fairs of the city involve: Rose festival, Mango festival, Teez festival, Baisakhi, Chandigarh Carnival etc. The Government of Punjab in 1949 tasked an American planner and architect Albert Mayer to design the new city Chandigarh and later on Le Corbusier was appointed for the same. The webinar witnessed the participation of 53 young girls from all the three different districts of Daman, Diu and Silvasa . Culture of Chandigarh : Le Corbusier, the architect of Chandigarh, had designated sector 14 of the city as the cultural zone. There are numerous temples, mosques, shrines, and Bhawan located throughout the city that one can easily participate in any type of religious activity. Chandigarh celebrates several festivals that are uniquely their own. The vibrant culture of Chandigarh is influenced by the neighboring states mainly Haryana and Punjab followed by Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. Its a Page about our city- Like it share it- click pics and share it here- and possibly i can take your pics in the newspaper- TIMES of INDIA. Chandigarh has updated the latest version of almost all the fields be it fashion, technology, studies or even IT. During Navratris, thousands of people gather here to do pooja and isconsidered as a must visit place for everyone who seeks to let their wishes come true. Chandigarh has a belt of parks running from sectors. Fairs and the festivals of Chandigarh are welcome with great pomp. Chandigarh houses many Central Govt. Basant Panchami – Basant Panchami is a very popular seasonal fair and marks the arrival of the spring season. Chandigarh came into limelight during partition in 1947. Saris are worn very less as compared to other parts of India, only on special occasions, people lie to flaunt expensive saris. The restaurants here range from the inexpensive dhabas to the hip hotels depending upon the requirements of the people. Related Pages. of Charles Édouard Jeanneret, 1887–1965, French architect, b. Our new Mixology culture is out. For bookings and reservations contact us at: Finch Chandigarh- SCO 10, Back lane, Madhya marg, Sector 26. Chandigarh (chŭn`dēgər), union territory (2001 provisional pop. They were new clothes with ornaments and many dance performances are organized. Chandigarh has distinguished tradition which people have maintained. Ministry of Bar Exchange. Book table online at Culture Brew Exchange. Chandigarh besides being beautiful is also the cleanest city in India based on the National Government study. Close Filters . Hence, this is a good reason as to why Chandigarh is home to multicultural people. Quick, easy & free online table reservation at Culture Brew Exchange, Sector 26, Chandigarh powered by Zomato #Chandigarh #University #Cultural #Fest 2015. Hope you have gathered much information on this creative energy state. Traditionally dress for women of Chandigarh is Kurta Salwar, Patiala suits are also very common in the region. Le Corbusier designed many administration buildings including the High Court, the Palace of Assembly, and the Secteriate building, and also designed the general layout plan of city dividing it into sectors. Best Art And Culture Companies in Chandigarh. Arts & Culture in Chandigarh trips, locations, how to reach, cost, activities to do there, best time to visit on Tripoto. Though this city is cosmopolitan with diverse culture, the different groups do not miss a chance to intermingle with each other. The early capital of Punjab was Lahore which falls in Pakistan Territory,  but after partition, the province of Punjab was split between East Punjab in India and West Punjab in Pakistan. The rich and fertile land of Chandigarh is a meeting ground for different people and races, so the tradition and culture of the city is a mixture of the various culture of India. Close. Bargain Booze 33/26. The purpose behind the activity was to encourage young first time voters to take part in the festival of Democracy for the unity and integrity of the Country , said Mona Sethi Principal of The British School . In November 1966, a newly formed state of Haryana was carved out from East Punjab. Gefällt 586 Mal. Rose Garden – Zakir Hussain Rose Garden is a 30 acres park with over 50,000 rose bushes and a must place to visit in Chandigarh. Though there is diversity in the religions people follow, there is great essence of harmony among them. Architectural Polychromy The first attempts in polychromy mentioned by Le Corbusier in the Oeuvre complète concern the interiors of the La Roche and Jeanneret Houses in 1923. Close . Sukhna Lake itself hosts the Garden of Silence. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? These diversities add beauty and color to the cultural heritage of the city. Welcome back, User settings. Directorate of Culture and Archaeology, chandigarh. Though the size and population of the Chandigarh has grown substantially, since it was created, the original inhabitants were the Punjabis. institutions, branches of almost every bank, army, and air forces bases that people from every part of India is settled here. Punjabi juti is also traditional footwear in Chandigarh and is called the queen of footwear. Scroll further and get to know more about this immensely planned city. Baisakhi – Baisakhi is a harvest festival and celebrated with great pomp in Chandigarh. The reason: Playboy Club the world’s leading night club destination has been unveiled in Chandigarh, at City Emporium Mall, Industrial Area Phase I. For Dal Makhani you can go to Golconda Restaurant in Sector 32 Chandigarh, for Chicken curry you will love at Pal dhaba Sector 28 Chandigarh, The favorite Butter Chicken is in Metro Hotel Sector 43 Chandigarh. The people of Chandigarh are proud owners of a city that has actively promoted its diverse culture. Upload from facebook. Chandigarh has a mixture of various traditions and cultures that are reflected in their costumes too. Sukhna Lake – This beautiful lake is in the foothills of the Shivalik range and serves as a famous tourist spot in Chandigarh. Best Cultural Centers in Chandigarh. Here in Chandigarh, the food is a combination of Punjab and Haryana with several outlets in the city serving people with the desired food. Festival of Gardens – The festival of gardens also called as Rose festival is a three-day festival organized in the last week of February when the rose plants in the garden are at its peak of bloom. This is the time when farmers gather their harvest after a year-long hard work, so they celebrate it with full enthusiasm. Mohali, Panchkula, and Chandigarh is referred to as Tri-city. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti: Wishes, Quotes, Message. Page created - April 11, 2018. While it is a custom for parents to give hand-embroidered clothes to girls in heir marriage. The city got its name Chandigarh from the Chandi Devi Mandir. १,२२९ जनाले मन पराउनुभयो. Kite flying is a popular event during the occasion. Chandigarh is the city which encompasses new fashion in contemporary society. This festival is mainly celebrated as a women’s festival as they participate enthusiastically. The British School Sec 44 Chandigarh organized a Campaign VOTE FOR INDIA at School campus , Students created SYMBOL OF VOTE FOR INDIA . Uttarakhand association of chandigrh, chandigarh. Get App. It is a time when students in the city show their talents and have fun. Culture of Chandigarh.