My shield (Transformer) has +50% fire ASE. I was, in a word, disappointed. Cryogenic damage on it too. I run a fire Kyb's Worth and usually he doesn't have a chance to go immune. See more. That’s a cool awesome gun! I think as long as you have a dot on an enemy, it keeps the Pearl charged up (I.. Families are empowered to heal through creating meaning from trauma. Nothing that knocks my socks off. 411 likes. Matter of fact the other Arsians I play with don't use hacked gear either. I'm using Seventh Sense, Clairvoyance, Carrier, and Recursion. Dunno if you're running this at max or not. Slightly disappointed with the ending, BUT a sketch during the credits of Tina, Moredecai, and Brick playing Bunkers and Badasses gives me hope that we'll get another "adventure" DLC! I suspect this will still be my 15-20 minutes before work game for awhile as I venture on to other games on the weekends. Empowered Healing is a Priest talent in the first tier of the Holy Tree. Like, half the enemies I fought must have been Loot Tinks. Four shots and it gets to the next level. The rest of us didn't have them respawn until a set time had passed. Don't expect subpar builds with subpar equipment to carry you through end game content. Just finished the first game, and now doing a second playthrough as melee siren. Press J to jump to the feed. Not only that, you did it kindly without bragging about how you can melt him in seconds. Got one of my favorite Borderlands 2 guns, the endless handgun, but it was all of level 2. I'm on my first playthrough right now and I keep running into sections that are clearly designed for a fight but nothing really spawns (or maybe one dude pops in). Can't wait to get my hands on some sweet loot. All at once! He bitches out behind a shield at 75% health and heals to full without fail. I had been using the Carrier for those, but I've found Clairvoyance to be very good, like the Invincible version of that Slass guy. All at once! Your predetermined purpose is waiting to be filfilled. It’s not as hard as you think. I like that we can turn off the Cartel event at the main menu. Renamed my computer, and for whatever reason, Borderlands didn't like that, are reverted a save (or something like that). Big Boom Blaster This shield works well for grenade regeneration and ammo regeneration, but it can't drop a booster more than once every second, that being said, if you apply a status effect like fire to yourself it should work well to regen ammo. On one hand, that is actually pretty good, because then you have a single target damage you are looking for. Am I missing something? In order to empower the center item, each Display Stand must hold a specific item and requires a minimum amount of Crystal Flux. Not good anoint, no elements, BUT... it shoots 18 pellets at the cost of two bullets with a magazine of 8. Just finished the first game, and now doing a second playthrough as melee siren. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I don't do it well, as so the main problem isn't with the build, it is with me.With the Phaserker build, still using the Pearl, I really have a lot less issues. Your California Privacy Rights | Do Not Sell My Personal Information Definitely didn't deserve the 'Invincible' title. I learned they had fixed my lung, pinned 1 of my hip fractures, hooked me up to a ventilator, stabilized my spine and medically induced a coma so i could start healing. COVID-19 UPDATE: Starting Monday, August 31, 2020, we are approved by the county to operate and perform services indoors! I tend to like using my Action Skill, and in the Spiritual Driver version, if you do use your action skill, it comes with the downside of being squishy for a few seconds as you slow down, you stop shocking/burning/corroding yourself, and wait for action skill to come back and shield to recharge. ‍♂️. What I've been doing is using the recursion if there are enemies close together, and the carrier if they are far apart or only one enemy. The items (known as modifiers) and the amount of … Through this platform lies a passion for breaking the silence and stigma around sexual trauma. Much better than Moxxi’s, IMO. Virtually nothing does damage to him, Deathtrap is barely damaging him. It has no elemental affix on it and I previously had another shotgun that did the same. Empowered Grawn located in Negul Neshai on Xylourgos. He was normal boss long, didn't hit very hard, and just had a crap ton of health on Mayhem 4. You have been in close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19, OR 3. In addition to the deep desire to open up the conversation surrounding mental illness and the impact PTSD, anxiety and depression can have on our holistic wellbeing. Loosing Healing into the World. It's getting underleveled now, but I've played a large chunk of my new game with almost exclusively that gun. I’ve never been more confused as to how a boss can be so inexplicably impossible in the 1500hrs I’ve logged in this franchise. It finally crashed on my Xbox. Woo!Going to take a break for a bit. I just got to promethea so I'm not very far into things but I got a speed loadin' hellwalker as a random drop and I've been loving it. It can roll with any two from this list: Finished the vanilla campaign after work yesterday at lvl 49. Giving empowerment doesn’t work – and here’s why April 27, 2016 7:42 am Published by David Tomkinson Leave your thoughts. All the enemies on screen are now on fire! And their program gives you the tools you’ll need to do just that: to activate your journey back to health. Thankfully, this lends itself perfectly to the 30 minutes or so of play time I get before going to work. Glad to know it’s not just me. This is a case where the smaller the mag, the better. Started playing this last night and already have a bit of confusion. I'm on the final mission of the vanilla game on my first playthrough (level 45ish right now). My recursion is +50% radiation ASE and is an Ice elemental. I've finally got a pretty good Anarchy. I rebuilt my computer, and as part of that I had forgotten to rename it back to its normal name. Same type of issue as the red chest farming. I've had a ton of other artifacts drop, a lot of legendary ones as well, never saw an elemental projector this whole run.Right now, still using Phaserker while spec'ed into blue tree. Once I get the Elemental Projector, I can try the Spiritual Driver Ricochet Witch. HOW DO I KILL THE EMPOWERED GRAWN AT THE DAHL SHIP. I don’t want to/shouldn’t have to rebuild / rethink my entire character for one single boss fight while working through a campaign for the first time. while being in is bubble it throws blood puddle at you that if you stand in it, heals everyone in the vicinity. I'm running around and getting all of the Eridian marker thingies for story purposes along with getting the Trial quests. MVP right here. Your Empowered Healing. However, while it takes a while to rev up, the Anarchy's top damage makes up for that. Doesn't have good affixes (+5 grenade capacity would be nice on Moze, not so much Amara), but it does have the +3 to Mindfulness and +2 to Helping Hands.Only issue now is I don't have an elemental projector. New Gathering dates: 2017.. Starter build. And melting, and electrocuted! You will also need your astral candle, a blue candle for healing and your altar tools. ), something like that. 204 likes. Nothing there. I've had four legendary weaps that I've liked so far - Recursion (the bouncing hockey puck Maliwan shotgun), The Lab (huge frozen orb shotgun), the COV fire spitter gun, and Moxxi's grenade that tosses out bouncing fire and electrical grenades. It doesn't really feel that way because I got two levels pretty darn quick while farming for the Spiritual Driver (although, it might be because of the TON of badasses I was fighting to get to that fight before I found the skip that lets me... skip them).I'm actually have a pretty fun time with Phaserker, and I might just stick with that build, but I like the idea of moving fast with the other build. Slightly disappointed with the ending, BUT a sketch during the credits of Tina, Moredecai, and Brick playing Bunkers and Badasses gives me hope that we'll get another "adventure" DLC! Selma June . "I desperately want a Conference Call, just to see if it measures up to the BL2 shenanigans. No perfect anointments except for my Driver and I literally grinded out the same boss for a weekend to get it. Just kind of annoying. Apparently he is a 100% spawn on XBox and super rare on PS4 and maybe PC. I only play single player without leveling up I'm not sure what else to do solo? I’m killing all the shitake mushroom floaty fucks (bloodlink or something). They understand and believe in the company vision and generate ideas directly aimed at improving products and services. I melted it and the quest never finished so at least you didn’t get a game ending glitch, PS all of you saying the Scholar was bad... this is tenfold worse, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the borderlands3 community. Empowered is a word that gets said way too much, even though many people do not understand exactly what it means.