Keep an eye on the ghost with the button. Use your Strobulb on that mannequin and a wig will appear on its head, suck the wig and the Blue Gem is revealed. This video showcases the boss fight with Dj Phantamagloria in Luigi's Mansion 3. Floor 14 fighting ghost boss in dance room.Subscribe to our kid friendly, ... Luigis mansion three. At floor 3, go east and enter the bathrooms. What makes bosses different from normal ghosts is the approach you need to take to fight them. Floor 14: The Dance Hall Luigi's Mansion 3 ... Firstly, spot the two unlit tiles on the dance floor. Scott Pilgrim vs The World: Complete Edition Review – A Victorious Return, Immortals Fenyx Rising Review – A Fun Open World That Fails to Stand Out, Godfall Review – Enjoyable Until You Start Noticing Its Flaws, Observer System Redux Review – Twisted To Its Core. The steward is a hotel ghost that works around in moving the luggage and suitcases of the hotel. In Luigi’s Mansion, Luigi has to conquer the ghosts, and bosses appearing on each level known as floors. The first ghost to find is the one in the middle back row. This way a brick will try to fall from the wall. Once all of that is taken care of, the final area of the Dance Hall can be explored (which is where you'll find the final gem). Head to the coat room, and suck up each coat hanging on the left side. As Luigi, run around the room while avoiding the ghost, then inhale and slam when you can. Vacuum up the coats in this room to reveal a panel that will release the gem. Note: there is more to do after this section so check back when the full walkthrough is revealed on the game's release date for the final section(s) of Luigi's Mansion 3. There are various methods to kill him. This portion of the Luigi's Mansion 3 guide includes the Dance Hall Walkthrough featuring every dance hall gem location. This way you’ll enable a suction plug to appear. Most notably, the maze puzzle is … Loves to keep himself updated with current affairs, history, military affairs. In it, you will find a key in the toilet. This attack can easily be dodged. Send Gooigi to use the vacuum burst and the Purple Gem will appear. DJ Phantasmagloria is a boss on the 14th floor. After the fight, exit via the south door and return back to the elevator. Once you figure out the trick it … As a reward, you receive elevator button 11. Go open the cupboard that is to the left of the left-most machine and the Boo will pop out. Harry Truman. Go left into the laundry room and you will see three machines that are glowing green. This potion of the Luigi's Mansion 3 Guide includes the Master Suites Walkthrough and boss guides for defeating Hellen Gravely and King Boo himself. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. This portion of the Luigi's Mansion 3 guide covers the Twisted Suites walkthrough and all the twisted suites gem locations. After red laser hopping, as Googi, make your way south, past the grate, and suction shot both of the switches. Green Gemstone Have Luigi stand on one, and Gooigo on the other, to reveal an electrical socket. By doing so, a secret table along with a Gem Ghost will appear, receive the White gem by defeating the ghost. This portion of the Luigi's Mansion 3 guide covers the spectral catch walkthrough which includes all spectral catch gem locations and how to beat the shark boss waiting for you on the boat. The Red Gemstone is located on the same disco room, simply go towards the right side of the disco room and make Luigi use the Poltergust on one of the records on either side, and send Gooigi to the other side. Luigi’s Mansion 3’s first boss encounter is inevitably a pretty straightforward one – this guy may as well be a standard Goober ghost with more HP. He will lock himself behind a grill, so Luigi cannot cross. — Nintendo, Luigi’s Mansion 3 DJ Phantasmagloria is the fifteenth boss encountered in Luigi's Mansion 3, who haunts The Dance Hall and guards the fifteenth floor elevator button. Floor 3. The Disco floor is a good example of that. After defeating the ghosts, carry on towards your right and go upstairs. Here is a trick to defeat the Guard Ghost Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Simply climb on to the Dance floor and be ready to fight against the boss. ... On the Dance Floor the elevator button will get taken by a dance crew of ghosts. Users Interact, In-Game Purchases, Comic Mischief, Mild Cartoon Violence, Netflix's 2021 Movie Release Lineup: New Films From Chris Hemsworth, Dwayne Johnson, and Zack Snyder Revealed, The Best PlayStation Deals for January 2021, Where to Buy RTX 3060 Ti, RTX 3070, and RTX 3080 Gaming PCs (Updated), Microsoft Files Patent to Create Chatbots That Imitate Dead People, Godzilla vs. Kong Trailer Release Date Announced, New Poster Revealed, Here's When the Next Episode of WandaVision Season 1 Airs, Resident Evil Village: Here's What Comes in Each Edition, Every Announcement From Today's Resident Evil Showcase, speaking to Nintendo representatives about Luigi's Mansion 3 at E3 2019, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You, How to get the button from the dancing ghosts. Bosses in Luigi’s Mansion 3 can be found throughout the various locales of the haunted hotel. Luigi’s Mansion 3 Dance Hall. User Info: LonelyGoomba. Plug the Poltergust to it and let's get down to business! This boss battle has two distinct sections: Ghost Dance Crew: The first section is the ghost dance crew. Red Gemstone Remember the secret room you revealed by using the Super Suction? Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Gameplay Offers New Mechanics, More Freedom, Over 30 Side Missions, Xbox Game Pass Gave Nearly $4,000 Worth Of Games In 2020, DvG: Conquering Giants Dev Talks About The Game, PSVR 2, VR Motion Sickness, & More, Hitman 3 Dartmoor Shortcuts Locations Guide, Destiny 2 Bird of Prey Exotic Quest Walkthrough, Hitman 3 Chongqing Shortcuts Locations Guide, Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Shortcuts Locations Guide. DJ Phantasmagloria is a boss on the 14 th floor. This portion of the Luigi's Mansion 3 guide includes the Dance Hall Walkthrough featuring every dance hall gem location. Use your Poltergust near the elevator on the records situated on the left side. Floor B1 Boss Steward In Luigi’s Mansion 3, your first boss fight will be with The Steward. It is accessible after obtaining this floor's elevator button first from Johnny Deepend at the Fitness Center, then from Polterkitty. Use the suction shot on the right stall and pull it to open the bathroom stall. Worst floor is the dance one. Once you’ve defeated the Boss, make Luigi along with Gooigi stand on the tiles that are not lightened. After lighting all the squares, they will change their color to green. Flash at the target and retrieve the button. You will face her off at the haunted Dance Floor at the end of the Dance Hall level. Here’s how to beat the magician bosses in Luigi’s Mansion 3. In Luigi's Mansion 3, the game takes place in a hotel as opposed to a mansion. Luigi fights Clem for the tenth floor's button. More importantly, it explains how to get the elevator button from the dancing ghosts and how to defeat the DJ ghost boss that appears after the dancers leave. The Luigi's Mansion series is a unique take on the Mario franchise where the other brother has to save the day. However, one specific Mannequin will be bald-headed. If you’re having trouble defeating the boss on the 11th floor, we’re here to help. Soon after Luigi and the gang arrive inside the first/second floor Grand Lobby during broad daylight and all check in at the front desk with the bellhop/receptionist ghost called Steward, they are then introduced and later escorted by the owner of the hotel, a mysterious woman named Hellen Gravely, to stay on the fifth floor rooms. The boss fight is quite simple as Steward has just one attack, which is where he picks up the suitcases and hurls them at Luigi. The Ghost of DJ Phantasmagloria is the boss ghost of Floor 14 in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Exit and head west, past the elevator, to the locked door, which you can now open. This is the first boss that you will encounter in the game. Floor 10 Luigi's Mansion 3 ... You should be able to complete the boss in two or three phases depending on how well you are at slamming at the right time. Note: This list is currently updating.. Luigi’s Mansion 3 Bosses. Blue Gemstone At last, drain her life by sucking her up. This is the part where you obtain the White gem, simply move to the left side and use the Strobulb. In the initial part of the fight, you’ll have to join the other dancers. The Garden boss on Floor 7 of Luigi's Mansion is one of the more tricky battles in the game. Piano boss floor as well. You’ll encounter her when you arrive at the Dancing Hall. If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog. This hidden Boo is one of the first that you’ll probably end up finding in Luigi’s Mansion 3. However, Steward will occasionally hide away behind some objects. ... On the Dance Floor the elevator button will get taken by a dance crew of ghosts. Purple Gemstone Each boss in the game can be found below. The White Gemstone is located in the boss room. This starts the boss battle for the floor. ... Boss Location: Dance Floor. This way you’ll open a set of stairs going downwards, by going down stairs you’ll find the Yellow Gem inside of a vault. When she’s done spinning, lift her wig by using a Burst and then flash her with your lamp. What Does Ubisoft’s New Star Wars Game Mean for Fallen Order 2? Luigi’s Mansion 3 is quiet an adventurous game published by “Nintendo” for its series Nintendo Switch. Unlike previous entries, which saw the HP of Boos rise with each area, the HP of all Boos remains fixed at 20 HP. This one is quite tricky as you’ll have to light up each square in front of the elevator. Yellow Gemstone At this point you have to position Luigi and Gooigi on the squares that are not lightened. For Luigi's Mansion 3 on the ... A few feel under developed and just seem like boss arenas. Now, by using the Super Suction to demolish the area behind, you can expose a secret room. Luigi’s Mansion 3’s The Dance Hall on 14F has six hidden gems shaped like a headphones.In this guide, we’ll show you their map locations … Her name is a pun of the word phantasmagoria and the name Gloria. During the events of Luigi's Mansion 3, there are a number of Boos to be found throughout The Last Resort.With the exception of the Master Suite, there is one Boo located on each floor of the hotel.They appear after obtaining the floor's elevator button, and leaving and returning.. This means that you will have to use your dark light to locat… You’ll find the Green Gem by raising the aisle and freeing the gem within it. Avoid the DJ's attacks. When they start to do the worm, burst move only the ghost with the button. Dodge the discs and wait for her to spin. Hellen Gravely Boss Fight. This guide will focus on helping you collect all the gems and complete the 14F Dance Hall level in Luigi’s Mansion 3. LonelyGoomba 1 year ago #6. you’ll find few Mannequins wearing wigs in that room. Luigi’s Mansion 3: 14F The Dance Hall Guide. We are now into the final boss fight of third floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3, enter the room and you will see the boss grabs a water gun. Continue doing this method until you win the fight. Luigi’s Mansion 3: 14F The Dance Hall Guide. The Dance Hall is the fourteenth floor of The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3. To make the stairs visible, flash at the green button by using your light. Clem (Japanese: モップラー Moppler) is the boss of the floor B2 - Boilerworks in Luigi's Mansion 3.He makes his first appearance sleeping, but when Luigi makes his way in, Clem floods the room. By following these steps, you’ll cause the disco ball to shake and eventually fall down, and a Red Gemstone will break free. Check out this guide to find out how to beat the floor 7 boss in Luigi's Mansion 3. Head to the 14th floor and face ghosts in a corridor on your left. In order to find which one of them has possession of the button; you’ll have to trigger a Burst near them. The Dance Hall floor is also home to the boss DJ Phantasmagloria so we have some tips to help you defeat her as well. Please note we may have added a few objectives ourselves to indicate the steps you need to take to complete the main objective. Every gem location is included. Burst move to seperate them. Might aswell not exist. Physical Appearance. This Ghost DJ can be spotted easily as she likes to set the dance floor on fire. As soon as you get the ability from E. Gadd in the basement, you’ll step into the hallway and your goocontroller will start to vibrate. You’ll encounter her when you arrive at the Dancing Hall. To sum up how to beat the DJ boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3: Find the dancing ghost that has the button and then jump next to him. Because of this change of location, Luigi must brave different floors to … When you're able to get close, burst move her twice to remove her wig and stun her with the strobulb. It provides various exciting events and actions as there are different bosses on every floor. This starts the boss battle for the floor. Below are the walkthrough sections and objectives. In the next encounter, the DJ will enter and throw discs directly at you. This portion of the Luigi's Mansion 3 guide includes the Castle MacFrights walkthrough complete with each puzzle solution, castle macfrights gem locations, and how to beat knight macfright. This video will show you how to get all floor 14 gems in Luigi's Mansion 3. As Gooigi you have to save yourself from water or else Gooigi will melt. Vacuum the records on the left wall until a brick cube pops out., Use Gooigi to jump and bit the block until it pops out a gem. For the second phase, you need to run around the room with Luigi because there are three levels of red lasers. The men's bathroom has two stalls. P… Prologue from the guide: Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach, and three Toads are invited to a hotel called The Last Resort for a vacation party, which they travel to via a charter bus driven by Toad. This boss battle has two distinct sections: Ghost Dance Crew: The first section is the ghost dance crew. Spends most of his time playing the likes of CS: GO, PUBG, and Rainbow Six Seige. It has only two rooms: the hallway … White Gemstone One of his moves is that he will use the suitcases that are spread around the boss arena as a shield and protect itself from Luigi’s Strobulb blast.