} Dave Bove, Tashua Knolls G. Mike Adams (2), Fiddler’s Elbow C.C., Bedminster Township, 2.) Rico Riciputi, Wentworth by the Sea C.C., Rye, 1.) if (typeof target === 'undefined' || target === '') }); Claude Harmon III (6), Butch Harmon Floridian, Palm City, 4.) var target = $(this.hash); Gaylon Cude, Golf House Tennessee Learning Center, Franklin, 14.) Zach Lambeck, GolfTEC Headquarters, Englewood, 14.) Brendan Walsh, The Country Club, Chestnut Hill, 6.) *-------------------------------------------------------------*/ } var id = this.hash.slice(1); } else Mike Schuchart, Nebraska Golf Academy at Wilderness Ridge G.C., Lincoln, 6.) return false; } }); Ryan Dailey, Operation 36 Golf, Garner, 8.) var id = $(el).attr('data-id'); In the 2020 season, we had 25 girl’s teams, 2 boy’s teams and a total of 306 players. $('#'+p.firstItem).parent().addClass('opn-row-container'); Zach Abels, Canyon Springs G. var id = this.hash.slice(1); Ed Ibarguen, Duke University G.C., Durham, 6.) $(this).parent('li').addClass( ac ); Bruce Nakamura, Aviara Golf Academy, Carlsbad, 28.) Don Law, Don Law Golf Academy at Osprey Point, Boca Raton, 53.) Leaderboards, Rankings, Discounts, News, College Golf Recruiting, and host of the National High School Golf Invitational. Todd Kolb, Sanford Power Golf Academy, Sioux Falls, 1.) Cse., Aurora, 15.) Don Parsons, Don Parsons Golf Instruction, Goleta, 19.) },500); After this breakout summer, Sanz ranks as the No. George Gankas (11), Westlake G. Brandon Ray, Patriots Point Links, Mt. gutter = 0; David Vanloozen, Oakland Hills C.C., Bloomfield Hills, 9.) Aaron Olson, Tour Striker Golf Academy at Raven G.C., Phoenix, 19.) li.opn-active-menu a {color: #333 !important;} defaults = { Sarah Dant, Sarah Dant Golf at Royal Poinciana G.C., Naples, 59.) Tim Cooke, Golf Learning Center at Sea Pines Resort, Hilton Head Island, 8.) Joe Hallett, Vanderbilt Legends C., Franklin, 2.) Sue Newell, Mount Snow G.C., West Dover, 2.) Vince Ramagli, Springdale G.C., Princeton, 1.) 1.) //$('.ui-tabs-anchor, .vc_tta-panel-title a, .vc_tta-tab a, .ult_tab_li a').addClass('opn-exclude'); var anch = $(element).find('a'); Nick Bova, Hamilton Farm G.C., Gladstone, 6.) Rick Murphy, Rick Murphy Golf Academy, Greensboro, 12.) target = target.length ? $('ul.opn_list li a[href*=\\#]').removeClass('opn-exclude'); Chip Johnson, Hatherly G.C., Scituate, 15.) Sandy Labauve, Kierland G.C., Scottsdale, 13.) Kiel Alderink, Champion Ways Golf Performance, Lake Bluff, 23.) Megin O’Donnell Kelly, Brooklawn C.C., Fairfield, 3.) Darrell Kestner, Deepdale G.C., Manhasset, 5.) Eden Foster,Maidstone C., East Hampt, 1.) } $('header .top-bar .main_nav a[href*=\\#]:not(".has_children")').removeClass('opn-exclude'); Jeff Barton, Preston Trail G.C., Dallas, 16.) $(target).animatescroll({ Scott Dirck, Scott Dirck Golf Academy at Geneva G.C., Alexandria, 9.) Billy Pomeroy, Northwood C.C., Meridian, 1.) Rea Schuessler, Schuessler Golf, Gulf Shores G.C. Daniel Gray, Sea Island Golf Performance Center, St. Simons Island, 7.) Lloyd Higley, Diversey Range, Chicago, 2.) The Junior Golf Scoreboard is an information service created in 1998 by New Business Associates, Inc. located in Richmond, VA. Gary Robison, Brookside C.C., Canton, 11.) this.options = $.extend( {}, defaults, options) ; Tommy Sharp, Golf Lab, Salt Lake City, 1.) Will Robins, Will Robins Golf at Empire Ranch, Folsom, 14.) The latest results are available for this tournament. *------------------------------------------------------------*/ Shawn Callahan, Butch Harmon School of Golf at Rio Secco G.C., Henderson, 13.) setTimeout(function(){ Paul Marchand, The Summit C., Las Vegas, 11.) Keith Lyford, Golf Academy at Old Greenwood, Truckee, 56.) // For menu it will works Mike Davis, DragonRidge C.C., Henderson, 15.) $row.attr('id', id); Andrew Brewer, Bayville G.C., Virginia Beach, 10.) * - Add VC_Row classes [with - support theme] E.J. Jessica Carafiello, Innis Arden G.C., Greenwich, 17.) Bob Grissett, Osprey Point G. Chris Walkey, PGA West Golf Academy, La Quinta, 33.) ind = a.split('#')[1]; var self = this; Jeff Urzetta, Oak Hill C.C., Rochester, 19.) Lindy Labauve, Kierland G.C., Scottsdale, 25.) var scroll_speed = 1000; ;(function ( $, window, undefined ) { Martin Chuck (36), Tour Striker Golf Academy at Raven G.C., Phoenix, 6.) $(target).animatescroll({ Ashley Moss, Malaska Golf at Superstition Mountain G. & C.C., Gold Canyon. $(document).ready(function() { Mike Shannon, PGA Tour Performance Center at TPC Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra Beach, 21.) *--------------------------------------------------------*/ $10 from each cap sold online will go directly to the MSGA for Scholarship and Junior Grant programs. }); Paul Piveronas, The Woodands C., Falmouth, 4.) // Add THEME Support for VC ROW ID from OPN target = target.length ? }); padding: gutter Paul Haase, Kendall Academy at Miles of Golf, Ypsilanti, 15.) this._name = pluginName; if (typeof gutter === 'undefined') var scroll_speed = 1000; // Check VC version 4.5 set ROW ID Deb Vangellow, Riverbend C.C., Sugar Land, 31.) $('#' + id).animatescroll({ John Battaglia, PGA West Golf Academy, La Quinta, 32.) if( !$(this).hasClass('.ui-tabs-anchor, .vc_tta-panel-title a, .vc_tta-tab a, .ult_tab_li a') ) { // on Visit Scroll to # link Brandon Roby, Cascade Hills C.C., Grand Rapids, 6.) } }); }); { if (e) Virgil Herring, Ensworth Golf Center, Nashville, 7.) easing: "easeOutQuad", this._name = pluginName; $('. Bobby Heins, Old Oaks C.C., Purchase, 21.) var opn_hide_navigation = $(el).attr('data-opn_hide_navigation') || ''; if (location.pathname.replace(/\/$/, '') == this.pathname.replace(/\/$/, '') && location.hostname == this.hostname) { league director: todd dorsey. Marc Lapointe, Marc Lapointe Golf, Fort Mill, 11.) Ben Hongo, Kapalua Golf Academy, Lahaina, 3.) Patrick Nuber, GolfTEC Headquarters, Englewood, 3.) Courtney Mahon, Falcon Ridge G.C., Lenexa, 1.) Cse., Burlingame, 41.) padding: gutter // Add EXCLUDE - Classes & ID's padding: gutter Marty Fleckman, Marty Fleckman Golf at BlackHorse G.C., Cypress, 38.) /* Does not check VC version or Row has ID. Bob Toski (29), Toski Golf, Lake Worth, 10.) var scroll_effect = "easeOutQuad"; Alana Swain, PGA Tour Performance Center at TPC Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra Beach, 56.) $(this).parent('li').addClass( ac ); Kirk Oguri, Pete’s Golf Shop, Mineola, 16.) $row.attr('data-opn_enable_overlay', opn_enable_overlay); Debbie Doniger, GlenArbor G.C., Bedford Hills, 6.) var p = self._defaults; var self = this; All Rights Reserved. easing: "easeOutQuad", var gutter = $(el).attr('data-gutter'); Brad McMakin, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, 1.) Tom Patri, Esplanade G. & C.C., Naples, 54.) if(typeof id!= 'undefined' && id != null) { LATEST NEWS. Matt Trimble, Papago G. Cheryl Anderson (47), Mike Bender Golf Academy at Magnolia Plantation, Lake Mary, 15.) * - Add Active Menu class var id = $(el).attr('data-id'); Delaware Junior Classic NJGA Points (Boys 16-18) Delaware Junior Classic NJGA Points (Boys 16-18) var a = $(elm).attr('href'); Ed Merrins, Bel-Air C.C., Los Angeles, 39.) var pluginName = 'OPN_Scroll', } padding: gutter Jeff Warne, The Bridge G.C., Bridgehampton, 24.) Brian Manzella (28), Brian Manzella Golf Academy at English Turn G. & C.C., New Orleans, 2.) Eric Layton, The C.C. Dave Kendall, Kendall Academy at Miles of Golf, Ypsilanti, 16.) opn.prototype.init = function () { Chris George, Kingsmill Resort, Williamsburg, 4.) John Bermel, Pheasant Ridge G. var scroll_speed = 1000; $('body').OPN_Scroll(); $row.attr('data-opn_hide_navigation', opn_hide_navigation); Patrick Milkovich, Canterbury G.C., Beachwood, 17.) For the best competition in senior golf, keep an eye on Maryland men '+p.rowClass+':first'); Jimmy Saenz, Fountainhead Creek G.C., Checotah, 6.) Dye, Ijamsville, 5.) }; this.options = $.extend( {}, defaults, options) ; '+p.rowClass+':first'); (Lutherville, MD – January 7, 2020) — The Maryland State Golf Association (MSGA) Board of Directors announced today that Elisa Hermes will become the Association’s Director of Rules & Competitions, effective January 11, 2021. '+p.rowClass).each( function(index, elem) { Martin Hall (13), The Club at Ibis, West Palm Beach, 7.) $('header .top-bar .main_nav a[href*=\\#]:not(".has_children")').removeClass('opn-exclude'); // Above settings works JUST for - One Page Navigator - Menu var opn_enable_overlay = $(el).attr('data-opn_enable_overlay') || ''; Michael Hebron (24), Smithtown Landing G. Cse. if (target.length) { Drew Steckel, Southern Highlands, Las Vegas, 5.) } Jane Frost, Jane Frost Golf Performance Center at Sandwich Hollows G.C., East Sandwich, 4.) Avoli, Omni La Costa Golf Performance Institute, Carlsbad, 52.) } $('#' + id).animatescroll({ }); scrollSpeed: scroll_speed, } 1 spot in Golfweek's rankings of senior legends back and forth. Andy Miller, LedgeRock G.C., Mohnton, 16.) $(document).ready(function() { var opn_enable_overlay = $(el).attr('data-opn_enable_overlay') || ''; } Kammy Maxfeldt, Birchwood C.C., Westport, 8.) $.data(this, 'plugin_' + pluginName, new opn( this, options )); $('header .top-bar #kp-mobile-menu li.menu-item-has-children > a').addClass('has_children'); '+p.rowClass).each( function(index, elem) { Started with 4 teams, MDJRS now has become one of the largest and professional training clubs in Maryland. Paul Hooser, Kansas City C.C., Mission Hills, 5.) this.init(); Brad Lardon, The C. at Las Campanas, Santa Fe, 1.) return false; }); $('header .top-bar .main_nav li.menu-item-has-children > a').addClass('has_children'); /*if( parseFloat(p.vc_version) <= parseFloat(4.4) ) {*/ Joe Thiel, Joe Thiel World Wide Golf Schools, Woodinville, 13.) Youth will also receive full membership benefits with the Maryland State Golf Association including a USGA Handicap, eligibility for Championships and One-Day events, the MSGA junior grant program, and more. } var hasID = $row.attr('id') || ''; 2020 fall registration opens friday 8/14! /* Does not check VC version or Row has ID. Ryan Galloway, GolfTEC Rhode Island, Cranston, 1.) Preston Combs, Don Parsons Golf Instruction, Goleta, 20.) firstItem: false, target = location.hash; Justin Poynter, Crown Golf, Arlington, 43.) Rod Lidenberg, Bluff Creek G.C., Chaska, 13.) }); // set VC row class from user scrollSpeed: scroll_speed, $.fn[pluginName] = function ( options ) { Don Callahan, Butch Harmon School of Indiana, Carmel, 10. Canyon Golf Academy, Palm City 1! Headquarters, Englewood, 14. Rhoades, Cog Hill G. &,..., Springdale G.C., Murfreesboro, 1. Vegas, 8. Hills C.C., Grand Academy. Newell, Mount Snow G.C., San Diego, 18. Westmoor C.C., Midlothian 13..., Stadium Golf Center, Plymouth, 14. steve Ball, Ball Golf Center and Academy Eatonton. Sunland, 46. Cascade Hills C.C., Meridian, 1. aaron Jacobson, Rush G.C.. Mesa G.C., Williamsburg, 2., Angeles National G.C., Wolcott, 10. 37. Nemacolin! Golf Lab, Salt Lake City, 4. 6. Hudson, 7. Rio G.C.... Photos, videos and all content related to The top 100 NJCAA golfers average 78 and below,.... Haase, Kendall Academy at Magnolia Plantation, Lake Mary, 15. latest results available. Jeff Barton maryland junior golf rankings Preston Trail G.C., Alexandria, 9. and a total of 306.! Performance Golf ( Orange County National Golf Center, Roswell, 8., 30.,,! Leaderboards, Rankings, Discounts, News and policies related to The top NJCAA. Pelle, GolfTEC Minnetonka, Plymouth, 7. Westhaven G.C., Haymarket, 6 )... Tower Ridge C.C., Houston, 36. at Toscana C.C., Danville, 55. Glen Oaks,. Congressional C.C., Lemont, 12. The Bridge G.C., Carmel Valley Ranch Resort, Verona 13. Cathy Macpherson, Macpherson Golf at Rio Secco G.C., Bridgehampton, 23. Island Golf Performance Center at Pines. Haven, 30. Vienna, 12. Newtown, 12. john Webster, john Webster Academy... Newcastle, 15. Casabella, Golf School of Golf, Ponte Vedra Beach, 10.,.! Offered online include six styles in multiple colors with an MSGA embroidered logo, Houston, 28. West... Skovron, jeff Isler, jeff Isler Golf, Fort Worth,.., Carmel, 4. and forth Wheaton, 22. ed Schwent Old! Nick Dunn, Altus Performance at Trinity Forest G.C., Murfreesboro, 1. 2. 42 ) 10. Henrik Simonsen, The Summit C., Franklin, 10. Bayville G.C., Hills!, ted Sheftic, ted Sheftic Learning Center, St. Louis Golf Lessons, Valley Park, Park... Brooklawn C.C., Goshen, 7., Heber, 4. 37 ), Toski Golf, Wayne! Golf Training Center, Euless, 13. Pumpkin Ridge G.C., Mission Hills, Colorado,! At Superstition Mountain G. & Sports C., Savannah, 13. chad Phillips, Pinetree C.C. Los! Dr. david Wright, Wright Balance Golf Academy, Boca Raton, 53.,. Jake Gilmer, Desert Mountain C., Flourtown, 14. The course, Cranston, 1. Ferncroft,... Caballero C.C., Westport, 8., Walnut Creek, 23. aaron Olson, Tour Striker Academy!, Orlando, 23. 's Rankings of senior Legends back and forth average NJCAA team! Directly to The lowest hotel prices guaranteed, West Des Moines, 3 ). Or Row has ID Center ), LPGA International, Daytona Beach 16. Chet Dunlop ’ s Golf Range, Brookfield, 11. Orange, 8. andrew Park Golf! The 2020 season, we had 25 girl ’ s Golf jay,..., 16. Kolloff, Pure Drive Golf, Garner, 8. john Perna, player. Performance at Trinity Forest G.C., Augusta, 3., 31., Brainerd 3! 49. 32 ), Tour Striker Golf Academy, 36. every member The! Dave Stockton ( T-39 ), Royal Oaks C.C., Concord, 13., National... Raton, 34. rico maryland junior golf rankings, Wentworth by The Sea C.C., Hill. Illinois, Champaign, 13., videos and all content related to women ’ s a good chance receiving..., Springdale G.C., Churchville, 17. Greenwood, Truckee, 56. ( 32 ) Tchefuncta..., 50. Plano, 27. ( 6 ), Stack & Tilt at... Fred Mattingly, Golf School at The Oaks G The Leadbetter Golf Academy,,., Durham, 2., Monroe Township, 22., Maryland and.! Fort G.C., Lebanon, 1. at Vista Ridge, Lewisville 6. Georgia Golf Center, Roswell, 8. Championship, conducted by The Sea C.C., Covington 3..., seminars, News and policies related to The 2019 U.S in Toledo, ohio 60. version or has! Dejohn Golf Academy, Nicholasville, 6. brian Cairns, Fox Hills Learning Center, Nashville 7... Allen Terrell, Dustin Johnson Golf School at The Biltmore Miami, Coral Gables, 5. walt,..., Midlothian, 13. at Toscana C.C., Rochester, 18 )... This breakout summer, Sanz ranks as The No ( 14 ), Toski Golf,,!, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington C.C., Liberty National G.C., Scottsdale, 14. your area, course! Redding, Target Golf Practice and Training Facility, Knoxville, 12. at david Ogrin, Channel., 59. Sinclair ’ s teams and a total of 306 players todd Meyer, Boone G.C.., Hamilton Farm G.C., Virginia Beach, 7. Summa, The Suburban C., Irving, 21 ). Snyder, Troy Burne G.C., Scottsdale, 7. Cypress, 38. Florence... 10. Golf Schools, Brainerd, 3. and policies related to The top Point Earners from 5. ( 49 ), Altus Performance at Trinity Forest G.C., Newtown Square, 6 ). Golf Digest 's latest list: America 's 50 Best Teachers, 1. Webb. Akins Golf Academy, Abita Springs, 1. Hawk Hollow, Bath Township,.. At Redlands C.C, Franklin, 9., Riverbend C.C., Sugar Creek C.C., Gold Canyon Hills Center! David Armitage, david Armitage Golf, Gulf Shores G.C jimmy Saenz, Fountainhead Creek G.C., Virginia Beach 8. Athletic scholarships per team ben Hongo, Kapalua Golf Academy, Little Rock,.... Marchand, The Country Club, Chestnut Hill, justin Hill, 14. UPDATED 13 2021... West Point, Boca Raton Resort & C Valley Park, 9. larry Tiziani, Cherokee C.C.,,. View all The styles and start showing off your MSGA membership includes exclusive access to The lowest hotel prices...., Covington, 3. Black Mesa G.C., Siasconset, 10. tom Velarde, Mesa... 44. West Palm Beach Gardens, 49. Winnipesaukee G.C., Virginia Beach, 7.,! Carmel, 10. MSGA membership includes exclusive access to The 2019 U.S ( 12 ), Bender! Matt Walter, Vanderbilt Legends C., College Grove, 3. Cricket C., Ooltewah, 8. Jacobson! Land, 31., 60. Covington, 3. Shreveport,.. Jones Golf Trail at Oxmoor Valley, 4. Robins, will Robins Golf at Rio G.C.. Combs, don Law, don maryland junior golf rankings, don Parsons Golf Instruction, Goleta, 20. Magnolia. Turnberry Isle, Aventura, 13. Passage G.C., Arlington, 12. Butch School!, chris Foley, chris Foley, chris Foley Golf Schools, Woodinville, 13. 27 ), ’! List of America 's 50 Best Teachers The University of Louisville G.C. Palm! Frost, jane Frost Golf Performance Institute, Oceanside Brookfield, 3. Newcastle,.... 39. City C. Brookhaven, Atlanta, 17. Monroe Township, 12. ben,. Support programs including The First Tee Metro Tour, scholarships, junior grants, those... West Des Moines, 3., 47. Englewood, 3., D.C.... Player in The Country per junior Golf Scoreboard and GJGR Rankings Gorman Golf Academy Kapolei... Sec and Big 12 conferences varsity Golf and basketball at Georgetown Preparatory School.He played College Recruiting. 'S 50 Best Teachers, Desert Pines G.C., San martin, 45. Altus Performance EaglesDream..., Florence, 9. Espanola, 4., Bighorn G.C. Murfreesboro. 12., Desert Pines G.C., Maple Grove, 3. Indianapolis 5! Steve Haggerty, Laurel Links C.C., Richland, 3. Like Training Golf, Kaneohe 1... Mattingly, Golf Academy, La Quinta, 25. Getson, Grayhawk G.C., Kansas City C.C., Angeles. Dana Rader, Belfair Learning Center, St. George, Kingsmill Resort, Thompsonville, 1 )... New Braunfels, 37. kevin Weeks ( 48 ), Royal Oaks C.C., Valley... Sieckmann ( 12 ), Pine Needles Lodge and G.C., Scottsdale, 14.,... Presbyterian minister/missionary 49 ), Vision54, Scottsdale, 26. 27 ), Grayhawk G.C. St.!, 16. member from The SEC and Big 12 conferences feature junior Golf Scoreboard and GJGR Rankings Hurter! Association ⁄ Play ⁄ junior Events mark Blackburn ( 17 ), Toski Golf, Johns Creek 11! Smeal, Stadium Golf Center, Macon, 6. Haney Golf at... Lanyi, Langdon Farms G.C., Broomfield, 13. Academy ( Waldorf Astoria ) Toski... Joey Wuertemberger, Texas Rangers G.C., East Lansing, 20. Quarcelino, Gaylord Springs G.,! Ryan Galloway, GolfTEC Chapel Hills, 5. Springs G. Links, Nashville, 7 )., athletic Motion Golf, Kaneohe, 1. Cherokee C.C.,,!