This is an easy line to carry in the air and its textured design also makes it a nice shooting line. I am just getting to this and welcome all suggestions. I was fishing with it two days later, the line makes light work of spey casting, a super smooth line and the running line is nice in the hand to fish with. This rod was designed as a switch, not a spey. We design and develop specialty Spey and switch fly line for today's modern fly rods. Beulah Line Recommendations: Bluewater 7/8wt Rod ~ Scientific Anglers Bonefish F or I 8wt ~ Scientific Anglers Streamer Express 250gr ~ Cortland Precision Salmon 8wt. Hopefully this information will help demystify the mechanics of the different types of line. Fly Casting Dave-March 30, 2017. Started by Gavin Stevenson. The Pro II series are medium fast-action rods with a progressive taper that are smooth casting and powerful, yet forgiving. Fly Lines Dave-May 12, 2015. The grain windows listed are intended to give the caster a general idea of the rods power and flex. We lightened the overall rod weight, improved tip stability, and completely updated the handle, while still coming in at less than $300. In part two we will talk about choosing a line that works for you and your switch rod. Fly Tying Dave-May 20, 2015. Free ground shipping on all orders over $50. Regardless of line system used, these adaptable actions were develpled to boost performance, enhance angler ability, and maximize versatility. Logged Mike Barrio. It makes no sense on paper, but our favorite line thus far … A regressive action means the rod flexes deep in the blank--in this case near the cork. Fly Tying Challenge. PolyLeader Specs Custom Cut Sink Tip Specs. Welcome to the spey zone where you can find information on switch rod & spey casting setup product information, spey fishing articles and more. Delivered next working day and at a very good price compared to other lines on the market. All Orvis specialty fly lines will give you superior castability, shootability, and control. Shop. Use this guide as a starting point. Reels; Prestige Gold Fly Reels; Geo-S Salmon / Saltwater Fly Reel; Spectre Fly Reels; Onyx Fly Reels; Classic 2 Graphite Fly Reels; Fly Lines. Fly Lines; Leaders; Tippet; Flies; Saltwater. Messages 22 Reaction score 3. The rod is very stiff and throws an Airflo 6 weight line which is one line size heavy good but I would like to see what another line might do. Wet Fly Swing is your online fly fishing and tying … Freshwater. Fly Lines; Leaders; Tippet Both floating and maybe intermediate. Just got a new rod, a St Croix Switch 11 foot-6weight rod. The new materials that Sage constructed this with is a higher density material that retains more power and responsiveness. FLY LINE RECOMMENDATIONS a handy guide to help you get the most from your rod. The following line recommendations are based on our experience with the rods during development, practice and most importantly, fishing. a true spey taper is considerably different starting with a stiff tip for line control and quick load transfer, slow middle for casting rod feel and stong butt section for the core of the two hander power. by Walt Geryk, 2016 . Grain weights are calculated by the amount of line out beyond the rod tip while maintaining an anchor. With single hand fly rods and fly lines, there is a pretty straight forward system: a 5wt fly line goes on a 5wt rod, a 6wt fly line goes on a 6wt rod, and so on. Understanding how lines and line tapers work is an important first step in choosing a line for your switch rod. Tying an Effective Egg Sucking Leech. What makes this rod to impressive, in my opinion, is its regressive action and instant recovery. Guide Flyfishing Ltd, Unit 5, Moor Lane Trading Estate, Bishopdyke Rd., Sherburn in Elmet, Leeds LS25 6ES +44 (0)1977 681300 Depending on your particular casting stroke, some may find the recommendations to be right on the money, while others may prefer 30 grains more (or less) than recommended. Please keep in mind these recommendations serve as a starting point and are based on the best match to bring an “All-around” performance out of the rod. Started by Gerard Danou. Beulah's 11' 8 wt. 20' sink tip looped at both ends. So, according to Rio Product’s, spey line recommendations the #8 Beulah Platinum switch rod requires a 450 grain Skagit head but the 13’8” #8 spey rod requires a 600-grain Skagit head, that’s if you’re into Skagit heads. TCX 7119-4 11’9” for 7 line. No Widgets found in the Sidebar Alt! SPEY ZONE- Switch Rod Spey Rod Line & Leader Configurations . This rod has been the trickiest to get properly lined up, but the “SR” stands for “switch rod”. In part three I will review a couple of lines that I use. Used correctly, a trout spey rod will cast your line much further than you could ever cast a 9-foot rod while using less effort. 3 Replies 604 Views July 29, 2020, 11:15:32 AM by Gerard Danou: Small stream Line . The Switch Rod and Swinging Flies for Great Lakes Steelhead. To put it simply, grain weight refers to the physical weight of the head. Started by Duncan Inglis. Orvis has designed a really well-rounded line that loads fast action rods well at close range but also allows anglers to land a smaller fly delicately at longer distances. A wide assortment of two-handed fly lines, spey fly lines and switch fly lines For more information on the various two-handed lines to match our TFO rods, please see our recommendations here . Your casting stroke may favor a different-weighted line. Unlike switch rods, (or most 9 foot rods), trout spey rods are designed with softer mid-sections, which make spey casting more effortless by allowing the rod to do the work. This Spey Line compatibility chart is provided as a reference to help match Airflo fly lines to your specific rod of choice. What might a good line for this rod. Switch and Spey Rod design, many found in entry level to intermediate, may require a more aggressive tapered short headed line for maximum performances and may help the less experienced casters while benefiting even the more experienced. airflo skagit scout line recommendations In these pursuits like its bigger cousin Spey Rods, lines are aplenty and with it, a given (expected) level of confusion as to just what is “best”. Sage X Two Handed Fly Rods - Switch and Spey This rod is a super charged Sage ONE without being too stiff. Salmon . A switch rod taper is truthfully no different then your single hander. Also, switch rods, like the sweet Beulah Platinum design are lighter duty as far as line weight assignments. Switch Rod Video Channel. Rod/Line Weight Recommendations. I have seen on other sites where you can up line this rod by 1 or 2 weight sizes for good performance. From Alaska Rainbows to Oregon Coastal Steelhead to Tierra Del Fuego Sea-Run Brows, the 7 plays big. Does anybody have experience with various types of fly lines which are suitable for the Shakespeare Oracle 11 foot switch #8-9 rod. This line, on the other hand, performed well in every category. Combo-Kits Fly Rod / Reel / Line; Spectre Spey Rods; Spectre Switch Rods; Classic Spey & Switch Fly Rods; Reels. Rod/Line Weight Recommendations PolyLeader Specs Custom Cut Sink Tip Specs 20' sink tip looped at both ends 30 lb IMPACT 44 lb IMPACT. We recommend a true-to-weight line for all series and models Centric MODELS. 10 Proven Steelhead Fly Fishing Tips and the Wet Fly Swing. Uncategorised. « Reply #1 on: September 25, 2017, … It’s really, really important to figure out the right line for your spey rod.. Much more so than with single-handed rods, two-handed rods (spey and switch) cast completely differently depending on which line you’ve got them set up with. Not overkill for Trout but big enough for Anadramous Critters, here is your all-purpose player. Thank you for your advice regarding a suitable Switch line for my Guideline LPXe 7/8 rod, the Switch 7/8 line was spot on. Switch rod recommendations are for two-hand spey casting; subtract 60 grains for single-hand or overhead casting. Platinum Switch costs $495 and rivals rods that cost twice that. Recommendations for a new line ; Mackenzie Switch Rod. In spey, we speak in terms of "grain weight". We also offer shooting head systems and multi-tip lines for versatility on the water. Thank's in advance, Ian. FAST ACTION. Luckily, most spey line manufacturers publish line charts recommending particular lines (and appropriate grain weights) for popular spey rod models. Rolled with our most advanced compound taper constructin to date, NRX+ SPEY provides the power, line speed, and loop stability expected from modern two-hand rods, without compromising "feel" and finesse through each stage of the casting cycle. That’s not to say the recommendations are spot on for everybody. 15 minutes ago #1 Hi, I have a Mackenzie G2 11’2 switch rod rated #7/8. Bluewater 8/9wt Rod ~ Scientific Anglers Tarpon F or I 10wt ~ Scientific Anglers Streamer Express 300gr ~ Rio Outbound 9wt. What Barrio Switch line with Switch Shakespeare oracle 11ft . For rods that may need a more aggressive tapered line. As with most Switch rods, the #7 represents the 30.06 of Switch. The original Dually proved that two hands are better than one, so the progression of this two-handed rod was simple. 30 lb IMPACT. Thread starter colliedog01; Start date 15 minutes ago; colliedog01 New member. With a range of rods from an 11-foot micro-spey style rod, to coastal switch rods, to an all-around 13-foot, 7/8 rod for any anadromous fish both on the east and west coast. Any experience would be much appreciated. This part only happens if you started with the right line. This Spey Line compatibility chart is provided as a reference to help match Airflo fly lines to your specific rod of choice. Forum Admin; Re: What make of fly line is best for a Shakespeare Oracle 11 foot switch rod #8-9. These recommendations should be considered a starting point when selecting lines. It’s a little lighter in the tip, so you have to be careful about overlooking it. Trout Spey tackle which spans from the 4 and 5 weight Switch Rod Theater down thru the 2 and 3 weight true Trout Spey rods set the stage for some mighty interesting angling adventures. Switch rod recommendations are for two-hand spey casting; subtract 60 grains for single-hand or overhead casting. Line recommendations include the Ballistic Vector (8/9), Nextcast WA 45/55 (8/9), Airlfo Ultra Spey (8/9) and Cortland SH Spey (9). 1 Replies 394 Views May 20, 2020, 18:05:45 PM by Mike Barrio: Vision onki 13ft line. Please keep in mind these recommendations serve as a starting point and are based on the best match to bring an “All-around” performance out of the rod.