The bird slowly peeled itself from the wall and came to life! Sanji was born in North Blue into the Vinsmoke Family, the reigning royal family of the Germa Kingdom, along with his three brothers at the same day, with Sanji being the third son of the family, thereby making him the kingdom's third prince.Sanji's father, Vinsmoke Judge, planned to genetically enhance all of the… Kanjuro has revealed himself to be the traitor within the vassals of Oden, spending years fighting alongside his comrades, only doing so in order to … When Orochi had his serpent head severed by Kaido, almost everyone thought the same thing-- serves him right! Needless to say, Kanjuro's betrayal was a surprise to the vassals but made sense when you consider he did it entirely for his lineage. In the page where Kaido reveals that there might be a traitor among Odens ranks. By. Denjiro/Kyoshiro. Omg. Warning! This thread is archived. 2-There has never been a traitor among the Nine Red Scabbards. I found the clip and Kinemon even asks why and Kanjuro says "An eye for an eye" really flippantly. Kanjuro. I don’t want to re-litigate the Kanjuro thing, but for a character who has been with us since Dressrosa, who we the readers and the scabbards have an attachment to and who actually has a unique cool devil fruit in an arc full of kinda samey dinosaurs to get done dirty like that ain’t right. This betrayal led to the capture of Kid alongside his crew. Now that being said when, why and how will Law betray Luffy and the Straw Hats? Kanjuro 3. 1. Little did anyone know that beyond her sweet gentle smile, lay a scheme as deep as the ocean. If you are not caught up with the manga and would like to avoid major spoilers, then this is where you turn back-- everything beyond this point is spoiler ridden. Someone's updating Orochi and undermining the Alliance. With his goal permanently being the feeding of information to Orochi, the vassals of Oden seemingly never had a chance of launching a sneak attack, though the war for Wano's soul is far from over. Law surely isn't the person. However, in the present time, his plans to finish the scabbards failed because of Luffy. 2. He gave Kanjuro his devil fruit and entrusted Kanjuro to the Kozuki family as a spy to ensure of that the prophecy of Orochi's death does not happen. Even the worst of pirate crews have bonds that keep the crew from crumbling from the inside-- some even akin to family bonds. Can he redeem himself in … He knew that having a Smile army won't be enough for his plan due to which he supported Orochi all this time. Kaido is a prideful individual and sees himself as a powerful pirate. On-yumishi Kanjuro Shibata XX. Especially in the land of samurais with great pride. The only possible suspect would then be Kanjuro who could have created a drawn-clone of himself. That said though, Doflamingo obviously thinks otherwise. At this point, it’s pretty evident that Big Mom isn’t particularly popular within her circle of acquaintances. Kanjuro not meeting up with kaido is strange move. Leaning more strongly towards Carrot or Shinobu. Did people ever think Law was the traitor? How unique is the name Kanjuro? Kanjuro (suspicious): most people are hopping on Kanjuro and I agree with all the reasons it could be him. His occult skills let him bring anything he draws with it to life. Kanjuro, one of the nine red scabbards, is one who betrayed Oden, his vassals, and the entirety of Wano. Meanwhile, Jesus sits with the rest of His followers and tells them to pray against temptation. He is also Shogun Orochi's relative. And they only do so due to one side betraying the other-- if not both sides betraying each other. Kanjuro revealed himself unprovoked and unquestioned. And naturally, a good chunk of these betrayals triggered a primal feeling of disgust within the fans. We know that some time during the timeskip, some of the Supernovas invaded Big Mom’s territory and clashed with members of her crew. Having said so, his act of securing the Shogun’s position remains his biggest betrayal to date. And unknown to many, Charlotte Lola chose that path as well. The fact that many people predicted it, while many people did not think it was him, means Oda did a fantastic job planting hints but leaving other possibilities open. after thorough investigation we came to the conclusion that Kanjuro had been fishy since the beginning hence we believe he is the snitch. Fukurokuju is still the second most powerful ninja in the Wano Country. He sacrificed himself for them to escape from the beast pirates. 6 Oden's Other Retainers Are Izo And Shinobu. Not to mention big mom could easily create another … Pirate alliances end up in shambles more often than not. His nose has a particular shape, being quite pointed and having little protrusions on both sides. Maybe Kanjuro but unsure on that. But it is a red herring. Why the hell does Kanjuro pick a dragon to draw? Why wouldn't Kanjuro inform Kaido about Luffy escaping from the prison? Ashura Doji/Shutenmaru 8. But from the looks of it, the straw hat alliance got a backup plan, to the backup plan, To back up their back up plan. Even if he could swim, big mom had her sea homie, which would have prevented him from escaping easily. Using that bird, he sat on top of it and flew upwards. You need to bring a poison healer 4 [[File:|250px]] MoriaAfter death, Moria will revive for around 500k HP and deal around 23k damage. He was twentieth in a line of master bowmakers and a kyūdō teacher of the Heki Ryū Bishū Chikurin-ha tradition. Raizo, the main suspect. Scared that he will lose his captain and friend, Usopp will attempt an impossible shot at Sugar from the plateau before the citizens stops him. And the consequences to Rosinante’s betrayal was death. Welcome! - March 21, 2020 01:07 pm EDT. I was joking around with the OT title, but I do still unironically think there's a chance either Law or Kid turns traitor. The traitor of Wano Country has been revealed and the vassals of Oden are beside themselves, realizing that one of their "brothers in arms" has been a turncoat the entire time. Only ones that can know this are Minks and Momonosuke Team [ Raizo , Kanjuro , Kinemon ] Because only Raizo Kanjuro and Kinemon come from the past and no one know this was going to happen [ it was a myth ] They sail to get help from Minks. Why didn t Dai Kanjuro be recommended as the lord of Qingzhou Castle This of course has its truth, things can t be publicized. With the recent chapter of One Piece's manga, it's clear that the vassals are in a much more dire situation than they had previously thought. It seems that Denjiro and Kanjuro are pretty much two mirror characters and so far, they did share similar development. Kanjuro knew only Raizo went to Zou and didn't know the whereabout of Kin and Momo. Kinemon, Kanjuro and Raizo are ruled out since we know them from prior arcs and they have been on the run in different islands. That why she properly send Jinbei to help. Yeah so his family died but he decided to betray the people who truly cared for him? Kurozumi's name literally suggests evilness. While Raizo was a member of the Kozuki’s Ninja Legion who left because he could not find love. In fact, as Kanjuro reveals his betrayal, he also reveals that the "Kanjuro" currently close to the rest of his former friends is nothing more than a duplicate, brought to life thanks to Kurozumi's abilities. Welcome! No one would’ve expected a mighty Marine Admiral to cut their ties with the Marines and allegedly form connections with the opposing side. Note also that orochi has blind trust in kanjuro which means oda can use this to bring him down all that's needed as ingredient is that kanjuro should be willing to help but orochi did kill his parents no…. It might be far fetched, but it’s not completely out of the question. I didn't think it was personally, but many people did and listed many reasons all this time. He needed time to be alone to leak information. Weird things about the name Kanjuro: The name spelled backwards is Orujnak. The betrayal of Kanjuro almost led to the downfall of the Red Scabbards and their allies. Kurozumi Kanjuro: Kanjuro is Orochi's most trusted spy. Upon being rescued, he ate some lettuce that … first off you have jinbe's escape, which honestly seems very improbable. 1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? The Wano citizens were absolutely justified to exterminate all of them for what they did. your password Kanjuro has revealed himself to be the traitor within the vassals of Oden, spending years fighting alongside his comrades, only doing so in order to feed information to the current shogun of Wano. Facebook. Kanjuro finishes his artwork and Usopp uses it as ammo to snipe at Sugar. We all knew Kaido was amassing an army of Zoan types. This was a wake-up call for Toki that the enemy is trying to eliminate her children, being the legitimate heir to the shogunate. Its mystery jinbei arrived at same time big mom were in onigashima. Kinemon cuts down Kanjuro. Orochi is a snake, both literally and figuratively. He carries a giant brush on his back, rather than a sword. Kanjuro is an artist who steals dead bodies’ hair, fashions them like a paintbrush, and sells them for money. -The reason why Momonosuke, Kin’emon, Kanjuro and Raizo was able to escape successfully was because of Oden’s sacrifice. But this mob was clear headed. Unfortunately for the vassals, they didn't realize that Kanjuro happened to be a member of the Kurozumi family and held the same grudge against the land that his family member Orochi did. He will easily betray behind his leader and pledge loyalty to another whenever it is in his favor. 10. Up there with We Go and Enies Lobby. I feel sorry for scabbards that they went through so much hellish thing to get betrayed by one of the close ones. Traitor is Kanjuro I've said it before, and I'll continue to say it, the traitor MUST BE someone close to the alliance to make a big impact for drama. is a world infested with pirates and all sorts of outlaws. If big mom pirates captured kanjuro and stopped the messanger. Edit. It is not so simple. Kiku, Izo, and Kanjuro owed their life to Oden for saving them on the brink of starvation. We track the millions of LoL games played every day to gather champion stats, matchups, builds & summoner rankings, as well as champion stats, popularity, … Just who would’ve thought that a samurai retainer - the physical manifestation of loyalty, if such a manifestation existed- would end up backstabbing his friends. Who betrayed the Kozuki Family? He knew that having a Smile army won't be enough for his plan due to which he supported Orochi all this time. 0. Immediately after her debut, Pudding not only won the trust of the Straw Hats but she also won the hearts of the fans. Mangareader - March 15, 2019. Kanjuro Confession. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! That’s why even Kanjuro revealed himself. Kanjuro = evil to the core. His active mission as it were was to recover Momonosuke. If anything, … Log into your account. The reason as to why Jiraiya couldn't be revived according to Naruto Wikia: When the Fourth Shinobi World War starts, Kabuto Yakushi expresses interest in reincarnating Jiraiya to have him fight for Akatsuki, but unfortunately is unable to reach him as his body rests in the lower depths of the sea. - Not surprised it's Kanjuro. There is also the question as to why they would betray their own people like that if the person is a Mink. I will say it upfront. (Topic ID: 1810339) Then, he drew two small birds, attached a letter on its feet, and had it fly away. 9 Things You Didn't Know About So I'm a Spider, So What? Name one good Kurozumi and i'll reevaluate. Raizo, the main suspect. 3. Naruto: 10 Times Sakura Should Have Given Up On Sasuke, Like Father, Like Son: 10 Times Boruto Was Just Like Naruto, Hunter X Hunter: 10 Times Gon Met His Match (But Won Anyway), Naruto: 10 Strongest Ninja Naruto Couldn't Beat Alone, One Piece: 10 Awesome Luffy Cosplays To Take The High Seas, Fullmetal Alchemist: Olivier Armstrong's 10 Best Quotes, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 10 Characters Who Suffered A Fate Worse Than Death, Bleach: 5 Characters Grimmjow Can Beat in Battle (& 5 He Can't), Naruto: 10 Characters Stronger Than Tailed Beasts, Ranked, 10 Anime Heroes Who Killed Their Own Parents. True, that would make sense. Kanjuro %100 is the traitor here is why… First of all traitor know that Raizo was in zou. But, no one knew the reason till now. Inuarashi 5. All he did was pass on information. And to make matters worse (for Big Mom), Bege succeeded in turning the very card that was supposed to tie him to the Big Mom Pirates, against the Yonko in question: Chiffon. RELATED: Doflamingo: Why One Piece's Flamboyant Character Is Anime's Fiercest Foe. Maybe one day Oda will explain how Minks can do this. And it just so happens that the aforementioned topics are what he enjoys wasting his ink on the most. WhatsApp. Which makes him a lord.-Momonosuke can hear the voices of all things just like Luffy and Rogers. What's with all the superpowers slander in here? Kuzan defecting from the Marines was an event that rocked the world of One Piece. though the war for Wano's soul is far from over. She ran away from the arranged marriage that Big Mom valued the most, and by doing so, she incurred the Yonko’s wrath. From 1880 to 2018 less than 5 people per year have been born with the first name Kanjuro. Jinbei still did not mention how did he escape from big mom ? Someone's updating Orochi and undermining the Alliance. What are your thoughts? But he doesn’t die. User Info: pblimp360. I don't believe, that Big Mom planed it from the start. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. And unknown to many, Charlotte Lola chose that path as well. Kiku, Izo, and Kanjuro owed their life to Oden for saving them on the brink of starvation. He was even seen holding the paper. Kanjuro swiping brush: Chibi Kanjuro: Oden and scabbards side by side panels: Oden holding up scabbards: kinnemon crying: Kaido fists up: Old lady kurozumi: Kaido angry face: scabbards and straw hats sitting: Luffy Law and Kid: Kanjuro yelling: scabbards with hats: Luffy and Kid yelling: Beat link: #OnePiece #Anime Home Tin HOT Why Kanjuro Is the Traitor : One Piece Theory chapter 956+ Tin HOT; Why Kanjuro Is the Traitor : One Piece Theory chapter 956+ By. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. As opposed to just throwing out a twist that doesn't make sense. For his betrayal, Kanjuro was ultimately killed by Kikunojo of the Lingering Snow in a heated battle on Onigashima. By Evan Valentine Forget it I penis enlargement facts buy fake pills m busy too, I m leaving Tell him that ed pills blood flow ed pills flow I ve been here. Traitor is Kanjuro I've said it before, and I'll continue to say it, the traitor MUST BE someone close to the alliance to make a big impact for drama. Blackbeard’s betrayal is generally considered as one of the series’ most iconic betrayals, if not the most. Maybe Kanjuro but unsure on that. Because right know, they should have all information because of Kanjuro. Fans now speculate a possible future alliance between the Straw Hats and Kuzan. Here’s why. theory incoming He is a time-travelers and he could have leaked the crescent moon information once in Wano. Furthermore, the Hydra is known for its immortal heads-- chopping a hydra’s head with the purpose of killing it is absurd, to say the least. NEXT: One Piece: Ranking The Straw Hats' Backstories, From Least Tragic To Most Tragic. I will say it upfront. There’s no way she would betray Oden or the Nine Red Scabbards after this. Well he was with Kinemon and co. im interested to know when exactly kanjuro got his devil fruit. 68 comments. Before Oden returned to Wano, Toki was hit by an arrow protecting their children. share. Kurozumi's name literally suggests evilness. He inverted many truths and bit the hands that fed him; even pirates would shy away from Orochi’s scummy deeds. Maybe if she was a little bit nicer, she wouldn’t have suffered one betrayal after the other. If Raizo is the traitor it might be the real reason why the Beast Pirates wanted to retrieve Raizo from Zou if they had his vivre card since he is a valuable spy. From the getgo, he only stuck to his brother in order to perform his, Kuzan defecting from the Marines was an event that rocked the world of, Blackbeard’s disgusting betrayal would be the trigger to a chain of events that would change, The betrayal of Kanjuro almost led to the downfall of, With that being said, the possibility of Orochi dying is almost nil. Because of his superhuman strength and endurance, Kaido attempts suicide as a hobby because of his near indestructible body. Raizo is the main suspect as the traitor. Kanjuro admitted if he was the traitor who leaked information about the attack that will be carried out by the Luffy alliance and other information. Since the beginning of the series, there have been more betrayals than one could count. Then when Oden decided to avenge her, Toki stopped him saying things could get worse if he did so. What makes Kanjuro so dangerous is that he was more than willing to go undercover for years, even nearly being boiled alive and considers himself to be "dead" following this instance. Kid is a tall, muscular man with light skin and bright red hair, resembling flames. He was cornered by a yonko. And because the series is heavily premised on piracy and defying the law, there’s bound to be many instances that serve to highlight said premise. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Both blew their cover during this part of the plot, revealed themselves being traitors. She wondered aloud why he wanted her to be miserable. Asadora! In most of his appearances, Kaido have shown to have a homicidal temper and is willin… She was betrayed multiple times in a short span of time, which speaks a lot about her character. He betrayed Oden, Strawhats, and the Samurai of Wano Country.